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Page Title: Steel fabrication
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3.2  Material.  Material shall be as specified herein and on the applicable
drawings.  Materials not specified shall be selected by the contractor and
shall be subject to all provisions of this specification (see 6.3).
3.3  Identification marking.
The reels shall be identified in accordance
with MIL-STD-130.
3.4  Treatment and painting.  The reels shall be cleaned, treated, and
painted in accordance with MIL-T-704, Type A.  Color shall be No. 34087.
3.5  Type I reels.
Type I reels shall be as shown on TA13217E7498 and as
specified herein.
3.6  Type II reels.
Type II reels shall be as shown on TA13217E7499 and as
specified herein.
3.7  Workmanship.  The reels shall be free from defects or imperfections
that might affect their serviceability or appearance.
3.7.1  Steel fabrication.  Steel used in the fabrication of the reels shall
be free from kinks and sharp bends.  The straightening of material shall be
done by methods that will not cause injury to the metal.  Shearing and
clipping shall be done neatly and accurately.  Corners shall be square and
true.  Flame cutting, using a tip suitable for the thickness of metal, may be
employed instead of shearing or sawing.  Burned surfaces of flame-cut material
shall be g round or machined sufficiently to remove ash and cooling checks.
All bends of a major character shall be made with metal dies and fixtures to
insure uniformity of size and shape.  Precautions shall be taken to avoid
overheating, and heated metal shall be allowed to cool slowly.
3.7.2  Welding.  The surfaces of parts to be welded shall be free from
rust, scale, paint, grease, mill scale that can be removed by chipping and
wire brushing, and other foreign matter.  Welds shall transmit stress without
permanent deformation or failure when the parts connected by the welds are
subjected to proof and service loading.  Parts to be joined by fillet welds
shall be brought into as close contact as possible and in no event shall be
separated by more than 3/16 inch unless appropriate bridging techniques are
used.  Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), the welding process used in
fabrication of the reels shall be at the option of the contractor.
3.7.3  Welders.  Before assigning any welder to manual welding work covered
by this specification, the contractor shall provide the contracting officer
with certification that the welder has passed qualification tests as
prescribed by either of the following listed codes for the type of welding
operations to be performed and that such qualification is effective as defined
by the particular code:
AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code, Section 5, Qualification.
ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section IX, Welding Qualifications.
Contractors who made only horizontal welds need not qualify welders for "all
position welding".  Subject to approval by the Government, the contractor's
standard welder qualification may be substituted in lieu of the above codes
provided that the contractor's procedure is equivalent to the above codes.
The contractor shall be responsible for determining that automatic welding
equipment operators are capable of producing quality welds in accordance with
AWS or ASME codes.
Welding practices.

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