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Page Title: Transportability
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deterioration effect of exposure to weathering elements. The contractor and his sub-suppliers
shall have material and material finishing methods utilizing the state-of-the art technology.
These methods shall identify the specific materials, material finishes, and material treatments
supplied on components and assemblies subject to weathering to provide protection against
various forms of material deterioration in the roller's operating condition. These methods shall
be part of, or an annex to the first article report. Any dissimilar metals used shall be in
compliance with MIL-T-704 or MIL-STD-889.
3.4 Maintenance.
3.4.1 Maintainability. All major assemblies and installed attachments shall be accessible for
maintenance, repair, and replacement with minimum removal of other major assemblies and
installed attachments. Covers or plates which must be removed for component adjustment, or
maintenance shall be equipped with quick-disconnect fastenings. Drain outlets shall be
accessible. Ease of maintenance provisions shall incorporate features insuring operating
clearances for handtools and lubricating equipment, and the accessibility for service operations
such as adding oil to the engine crankcase and adding oil to gear cases. Each maintenance,
assembly, or disassembly operation required during testing in accordance with 4.3 shall be
accomplished by no more than two men (except a hoist and operator may be used as necessary)
using general purpose tools normally associated with equipment of this nature. After completion
of any maintenance operation, the roller shall operate as specified herein.
3.4.2 Interchangeability. All parts having the same part number shall be functionally and
dimensionally interchangeable. Common hardware and fastening devices such as bolts, nuts,
screws, and washers shall be held to a minimum number of types and sizes. All screw threads
shall be in accordance with FED-STD-H28.
3.5 Transportability. The roller shall be equipped with lifting attachments and shall be
capable of being lifted and transported by helicopter without damage or permanent deformation.
The roller shall be capable of being transported by truck trailers, rail, ocean-going carriers,
C-130, C-141 and C-5A aircraft. Complete diagrams and instructions for lifting the roller and
tying down the roller on freight cars and truck trailers shall be furnished in the operator's manual.
Stencil or decal markings shall be applied to the roller at each lifting and tiedown point. The
contractor shall provide sufficient data to the Government at the time of solicitation to confirm
that the roller being supplied can be loaded and transported in the C-130, C-141 and C-5A
aircraft. Cargo envelopes for transport in the required aircraft, are found in MIL-A-842l.
Removal of any component to meet this requirement shall not be allowed.
3.6 Performance. The roller shall:
a. Be capable of compacting not less than 400 compacted cubic yards per hour of soil
conforming to type GP or GW (Unified Soil Classification System) to at least 95 percent
Modified AASHO in compacted lifts of not less than 6 inches.

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