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Page Title: Body and frame.
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b. Be capable of negotiating a 10 percent grade over material offering a rolling resistance of
80 pounds per ton or greater for a total effective grade of 14 percent.
c. Be capable of operating in ambient temperatures of not less than 120 F without
exceeding the engine manufacturer's recommended limits for radiator top tank
temperature, engine oil temperatures (sump and gallery) and component manufacturer's
hydraulic fluid temperature limits.
3.7 Human factors. The characteristics of the roller shall provide for operation by personnel
ranging from the small man clothed, through the large man clothed in accordance with
SAE J833.
3.8 Safety. All reciprocating, rotating, or moving parts of equipment shall be guarded when
such parts may be inadvertently contacted by operating and maintenance personnel or otherwise
create a hazard. All hot surfaces of equipment, including exhaust pipes and other lines which
may be subject to high temperatures, exposed to contact by personnel or which create a fire
hazard shall be fully guarded or insulated. Fuel tanks shall be located in a manner which will not
allow spills or overflows to run onto engine, exhaust, or electrical equipment. Exhaust or
discharges from equipment shall be directed so that they do not endanger personnel or obstruct
the view of the operator. Electrical equipment shall be effectively guarded and grounded to
protect all persons and objects from electrical shock hazard. Nonfunctional sharp edges,
projecting points, and excessive length of fastening devices shall be avoided. The roller shall
meet the applicable requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
3.9 Sound level. The sound level at the operator's station shall not exceed 85dB(A) when
measured in accordance with SAE J919. The exterior sound level shall not exceed 88 dB(A)
when measured in accordance with SAE J88 (see Reference level is 20 Pa hereafter
within this specification.
3.10 Body and frame. The body and frame shall be of one piece continuous construction or
two separate bodies connected at a center hingepoint to provide articulated center hingepoint
steering or an integral body and power unit with automotive steering. Rollers built in two
sections with a hingepoint for articulation shall have a locking device to prevent articulation
during lift and transport operations. A warning plate shall be posted on each side of the roller
near the articulation point with the following words: "Articulation locking device shall be on
when servicing or transporting this equipment. Caution: No Room for a person in this area
when roller is turned." The body(s) shall be fabricated of steel plate and shall be reinforced with
internal steel members attached to the body by continuous full length welds. The body shall
withstand all forces encountered during performance at maximum load capacity without damage
or permanent deformation. Accessible watertight cleanout openings shall be provided on the
ballast body. Cleanout openings shall facilitate complete removal of the ballast and total
drainage of water.
3.11 Engine. The roller shall be equipped with an industrial diesel engine that is furnished
on commercial production rollers and which has been approved as complying with the

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