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Page Title: Electrical system.
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individual rated load-carrying capabilities based on maximum individual wheel loading and
related inflation pressure required to obtain maximum compactive force. Tires, tubes, flaps, and
wheels shall conform to Tire and Rim Yearbook.
3.16.1 Tire pressure regulating system. The roller shall be equipped with a central tire
inflation system controlled from the operator's seat. The system shall be capable of varying the
pressure in each tire from 40 psi to 120 while at 4 standstill or traveling.
3.16.2 Tire wetting system. A system will be provided for wetting and cleaning tires. The
wetting system shall be the pressurized type and shall include 8 water pump, tank of at least
75 gallons, cocoa mats or scrapers, and all necessary controls to wet all tires. The system shall
be operable from the operator's platform.
3.17 Electrical system.
3.17.1 Lighting system. A complete 12-volt lighting system shall he provided. The lighting
system shall include two forward and two rearward directed sealed-beam floodlights and two red
lights at the rear end. Independent controls shall he provided for forward directed floodlights,
for rearward directed floodlights, and for rear-mounted red lights. The light controls shall be
clearly identified.
3.17.2 Floodlights. The floodlights shall conform to SAE J598, PAR 46, and shall be
provided with lamp housings, except for mounting brackets. Mounting brackets shall be made of
steel not less than 1/4 inch thick and shall provide an adjustment of not less than 30 degrees
above and 30 degrees below the horizontal in the vertical plane and not less than 180 degrees to
the right and 180 degrees to the left in the horizontal plane.
3.17.3 Red lights. The red lights shall be 4-inch nominal diameter, shall be waterproof, and
shall conform to SAE J759, S-AI-T for 12-volt use. The stoplight filament of each red light shall
be connected so as to be actuated when the service brakes are applied. The red lights shall be
mounted as far apart as possible at the rear of the ballast body.
3.17.4 Wiring. Cable for wiring shall conform to SAE J82l. Grounded return electrical
circuits shall be used and shall be tagged at the connections with band markers. Grommets shall
be installed where wiring passes through structural steel sections and sheet metal to prevent
chafing of the cable.
3.18 Operator's compartment.
3.18.1 Seat. The contractor's standard waterproof commercial operator's seat shall be
provided. The seat shall be located to provide the operator with convenient access to operating
controls, and visibility of the work zone and all instruments and gages mounted in the operator's
compartment when seated.
3.18.2 Controls. The contractor's standard commercial instruments and controls shall be
provided. Related instruments and controls when optional systems are required shall be

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