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Page Title: Hydrostatic transmission.
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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations governing "Control of Air Pollution from
New Motor Vehicles and New Motor Vehicle Engines". The engine shall be capable of meeting
the performance requirement using diesel fuel conforming to VV-F-800. The operation of the
roller as specified herein shall not require engine horsepower in excess of the engine
manufacturer's continuous net rated SAE J8l6 horsepower of the engine furnished. The engine's
governed speed shall be set and sealed in accordance with the engine manufacturer's
3.11.1 Fuel tank. The fuel tank shall have a capacity sufficient to provide 8 hours operation
at rated engine operating speed.
3.12 Power train.
3.12.1 Transmission. The transmission shall be of the power-shifted (hydrodynamic)
continuous drive type within each speed range or hydrostatic type. Power-shift transmission. A torque converter shall be supplied with the powershift
transmission. The transmission and torque converter fluid shall be filtered by full flow filter(s)
having replaceable elements. Hydrostatic transmission. A filter element shall be provided to filter all the oil and
shall be installed in the suction line between the reservoir and the transmission. The filter
element shall not be used at a flow rate in excess of that at which it was tested.
3.12.2 Differential. The roller shall be equipped with a no-spin or bevel gear differential,
with roller chain or propeller shaft drive system or both.
3.13 Suspension system. The roller shall be equipped with either vertical axle oscillation or
tilt axle oscillation. Each wheel or wheel pair of at least one axle shall oscillate independent
from the other wheel or wheel pair. On axles, or bolsters having five wheels, the fifth wheel
shall be capable of independent tilt or vertical oscillation.
3.14 Hydraulic system. Hydraulic power-assist steering or hydraulic steering for heavy-duty
vehicles shall be installed and shall include the hydraulic fluid reservoir, hydraulic cylinder(s),
pump, filter, pressure relief valve, and all necessary controls, lines, and fittings to perform
steering operations.
3.15 Brakes. The roller shall be equipped with service brakes, emergency brakes, and
parking brakes. The brake system shall be in accordance with SAE J1136. Brakes which
normally use glycol brake fluid as medium shall be serviced with DOT FMVSS No. 116, DOT 5
type fluid meeting the minimum requirements of MIL-B-46176 for Di-organopoly-siloxane fluid
(silicones). DOT 5 type fluids shall include all non-petroleum based fluids for straight hydraulic
or air hydraulic brakes, and operator's controls.
3.16 Tires and rims. Tires shall be of the code C-1, smooth tread design for compaction
service. Size of tires shall be 7.50 x 15, with a ply rating of not less than 12. Tires shall have

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