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Page Title: Filling, draining, and checking provisions
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3.22.2 Lubrication fittings. Lubrication fittings shall conform to SAE J534. Fittings shall be
located in a protected position. Fittings shall be accessible to a grease gun having a minimum
capacity of 15 ounces and equipped with a straight hydraulic coupler and a 10-inch flexible
extension. Accessibility to fittings shall be provided without the removal or adjustment of
accessories or parts. Engine-housing side panels and plates equipped with hand-operable,
quick-disconnect fasteners may be removed to provide accessibility to lubrication fittings.
3.22.3 Pressure-release device. An automatic pressure-release device shall be provided
where pressure-lubricating equipment could damage grease seals or other parts.
3.22.4 Filling, draining, and checking provisions. Enclosures such as gearcases and
transmission housing that contain a reservoir of lubricants for the lubrication of the parts
enclosed shall be equipped with dipstick, check plugs not less than 1/2-inch pipe size, or sight
gages to determine the level of the lubricant. Each enclosure shall be equipped for filling the
enclosure with lubricant and for draining. The drain outlet shall be fitted with a drain plug. The
drain outlet shall be located so that removal of the plug will result in complete drainage of the
lubricant from the enclosure.
3.22.5 Grease lubrication. All grease lubrication shall be with greases conforming to
MIL-G-10924, MIL-G-23827, or SAE J754. The roller shall be assembled, run-in, tested, and
delivered with these greases. The bearings shall be cleaned before lubrication because military
greases are not compatible with other greases. Each component shall be tagged in a conspicuous
place to indicate which military grease has been used.
3.22.6 Oil lubrication. Unless otherwise preserved for packaging, all components shall be
filled to the operating level with winter grades of military oil designated for use in the
temperature range of 0 F to 32 F. Each component shall be tagged in a conspicuous place to
indicate the temperature range and grade of lubricants used.
3.22.7 Servicing and adjustments. The contractor shall service and adjust each roller for
correct operation and travel including at least the following: Adjustment of the engine and of the
roller machinery; adjustment of the brake system and electrical system; inflation of tires; and
complete lubrication of the roller with the types and grades of lubricant recommended.
3.23 Oil sampling valve. An oil sampling valve shall be provided on the engine. The valve
shall be manually operated and shall automatically close after release. It shall be made of
material resistant to corrosion such that it will not contaminate the sample. The discharge port of
the valve shall be covered with a captive chained cap conforming to SAE J514. The valve shall
be located in such a way as to insure that personnel will not be exposed to danger when taking
oil samples with the engine running. The location of the oil tap shall be such that when samples
are taken, it shall be a true representation of oil that is flowing while the engine is running.

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