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Page Title: Lifting and tiedown instruction plates
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3.24 Treatment and painting. The parts of the roller normally painted shall be cleaned,
treated, and painted in accordance with MIL-T-704. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), the
final coat shall be in accordance with MIL-C-46l68.
3.25 Data plates. Data plates shall be applied to the equipment on metal plates in
accordance with the "Metal Name Plate Industry Standards and Practices", as published by the
National Association of Metal Name Plate Manufacturers, Inc., (NAME). Identification and
shipping data plates shall be of material in accordance with MIL-P-514, Composition C. The
plates shall be secured to each end item in accordance with the NAME Standards and Practices.
3.25.1 Identification. The equipment shall be identified in accordance with MIL-STD-130
and MIL-P-514. The date of the delivery shall be that of the complete equipment under contract
and shall not be prior to date of Government acceptance.
3.25.2 Instruction plates. The equipment shall be equipped with instruction plates, decals, or
diagrams, including warnings and cautions, describing any special or important procedures to be
followed in assembling, operating, or servicing. The safety, warning, caution, and notice plates
shall be in accordance with ANSI Z35.l and compatible with the space available.
3.25.3 Lifting and tiedown instruction plates. Instructions for the use of the attachments or
procedures shall be included on a metal plate permanently affixed to the equipment. The plate
shall include a silhouette of the item together with the center of gravity.
3.25.4 Shipping data plates. Shipping data plates for each roller shall be furnished and shall
show the silhouette of the roller indicating the location and capacity of tiedown provisions,
slinging provision, extraction provisions, suspension provisions, the center of balance and
shipping weight. Plates shall conform to MIL-P-514, Type III or contractor's standard plates
subject to the approval of the contracting officer. The plates shall be attached to the left side of
the roller and shall show the locations as viewed from the left side. The plate shall be located in
conspicuous protected locations. All plates shall be permanently attached.
3.26 Marking. Marking and registration shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-642. Color
shall be lusterless black.
3.27 Toolbox. A lockable storage compartment(s) or toolbox of sufficient size to hold all
tools and equipment required for operation and operator maintenance shall be provided.
3.28 Workmanship.
3.28.1 Steel fabrication. Steel used in the fabrication of the roller shall be free from kinks
and sharp bends. Steel plate shall not be warped. The straightening of material shall be done by
methods that will not cause injury to the metal. Burned surfaces of flame-cut materials shall be
ground or machined to remove ash and cooling checks. All bends of a major character shall be
made with metal dies or fixtures in order to insure uniformity of size and shape.

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