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Page Title: Quality conformance verification.
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MIL-R-85523A(AS)  Regulator.  An inspection lot size shall be expressed in units of
one regulator made under essentially the same conditions and from the same
materials and components.  The sample unit shall be one regulator.  Packaging.  An inspection lot size shall be expressed in terms of
fully prepared shipping containers, containing regulators, fully prepared for
delivery just prior to closure, made from essentially the same materials and
components.  The sample unit shall be one shipping container, containing
regulators, fully prepared for delivery with the exception that it need not be
Quality conformance verification.
4.6.1  Quality conformance verification inspection.  Quality conformance
verification inspection shall be as specified in Table XIII, in the order
4.6.2  Quality conformance verification inspection.  At the option of the
Government and upon completion of the quality conformance inspection
(see 4.5), random samples shall be selected for quality conformance verification
inspection at an inspection level I of MIL-STD-105.  Each regulator, selected as
a sample unit, shall be identified by its assigned serial number (see 3.5.13) and
shall be forwarded to a laboratory designated at the time of award for testing
(see 6.2.f).  The serial numbers of the units in the lot, represented by the
sample units, shall be furnished to the inspection facility.  Transportation
costs for shipping samples to and from the inspection facility shall be borne by
the contractor.  Accepted regulators will be returned to the manufacturer for
inclusion in the lot.
4.6.3  Quality conformance verification approval.  Upon completion of the
quality conformance inspection, the Government activity responsible for
conducting the quality conformance verification program (see 6.2.f) shall report
the results of the tests and examinations to the inspection and acceptance
activity specified in the acquisition document.  Final acceptance of the lot from
which the sample units were selected shall be based upon successful completion of
the inspection program by the cognizant Quality Assurance
Representative/Specialist at the contractor's facility.
Test conditions.
4.7.1  Gas.  Unless otherwise specified, the gas used in testing the
regulator shall be oil-free nitrogen, 99.95 percent pure, in accordance with BB-
N-411 Type I, Grade A, Class 1 or oxygen in accordance with MIL-O-27210, Type I.
The gas used in the oxygen regulator purge test shall be oxygen in accordance
with MIL-O-27210, Type I.
4.7.2  Temperature and pressure.  Unless otherwise specified, tests shall be
conducted at local ambient temperature and barometric pressure.  Test instruments
shall be calibrated or adjusted according to their required usage in conducting
individual tests.  Temperature and pressure shall be recorded at the time of
inspection and, when required, the test results shall be corrected to normal
temperatures and pressure (NTP) conditions.  NTP conditions are 29.92 inches of
mercury (101.3 kPa) and 70F (21.1C).  In the case of pressure drop
measurements, the flow setting for conducting the test shall be corrected to NTP
conditions before the test is conducted.
4.7.3  Adjustment of inlet supply pressure.  At the start of steady tests,
the initial inlet pressure applies only to zero flow conditions.  When the

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