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Page Title: Non-ferrous materials
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3.1.4 Non-ferrous materials. - Non-ferrous materials shall be used for
all parts of the regulator, except where ferrous materials are essential.
3.1.5 Castings. - Castings shall be of high grade quality, clean, sound
and free from blow holes, porosity, cracks, and any other defects.
3.1.6 Protective treatment.- When materials are used in the construction
of the regulator that are subject to corrosion in salt air or other atmospheric
conditions likely to occur during service usage, they shall be protected against
such corrosion in a manner that will in no way prevent compliance with the
performance requirements of this specification. The use of any protective
coating that will crack, chip, or scale with age or extremes of atmopheric
conditions, shall be avoided.
3.2 Design and construction.- The regulator shall control cabin pressure
by acting as a self-controlled bleeder of cabin air. The regulator shall be
designed and oonstructed so that no parts will work loose in service. It shall
be built to withstand the strains, jars, vibrations, and other condition
incident to shipping, storage, installation, and service.
3.2.1 The regulator shall be constructed so that adjustments and repairs
can be easily made by the personnel of operating units and overhaul bases.
3.2.2 Ports and passages.- Ports and passages shall be of adequata size
to prevent lag in the operation of the regulator.
3.2.2 Static connection. - Provisions shall be made so that the static
connection is adaptable to the most suitable static pressure source, remote,
if necessary.
3.2.4 Capacity. - The rated capacity of the regulator shall be as specified
in the detail specification.
3.2.5 Operational characteristics. - The operational characteristics of
the regulator shall be as specified in the detail specification. Constant ratio range operation. - The regulator shall incorporate
a range for controlling cabin prossure to follow a line of constant relative
gas expansion only if so specified in the detail specification. Combat changeover machanism.- A combat changeover mechanism for
ohanging over from normal to combat pressure differentials between cabin and
ambient altitude shall be provided only if so specified in the detail
specification. This mechanism shall be remotely controllable. In case of
electrical actuation, which shall preferably be a selenoid, either 28V dc or
400 cycle 200/115V ac shall be used. Electrical requirements. - Electrical components shall meet the
requirement of Specification No. 32466 and shall comply with te radio noise
requirements of Specification MIL-I-6181.

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