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Page Title: Track test articles
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article configuration changes and disposition of test hardware will be
specified in the contract (see 6.2.1 ).  Track test articles.  For the system track tests of 4.6.1, the
test articles shall be manufactured and assembled in accordance with production
techniques, processes, and procedures, including quality assurance procedures.
Track test articles shall not be reused. All lots of parts, components, and
subassemblies shall be subjected to planned production and receiving quality
assurance procedures as established for each part, component, or subassembly
to determine the acceptability of each lot. Prior to assembly of each escape
system test article and after the parts, components, and subassemblies have
passed lot inspection and have been accepted, each part selected by normal
escape system production assembly procedures shall be inspected fully and the
information recorded upon worksheets for the serialized test article.
4.7.6 Acceptability of test results.  Completion of the initial functional
configuration audit (IFCA) as required, (see shall be the criteria
for the acceptance of the DT-IA test results. The criteria for determining
acceptability of the results of the DT-IB aircraft canopy and escape path
clearance subsystem tests shall be based on the performance requirements of and the test requirements of 4.4.1. The criteria for determining
the acceptability of the DT-IB system track tests (see 4.4.2), the DT-IB
inflight ejection tests (see 4.4.3) and the DT-IIB system track tests (see
4.6.1) shall be in accordance with the appendix. The criteria for determining
acceptability of the result of the DT-IIA component and subsystem tests
shall be based on the applicable design and performance requirements of
3.2.2 and the test requirements of 4.5. In the test plans required by
4.7.2, the contractor shall propose specific test acceptability criteria
for both the DT-IB aircraft canopy and escape path clearance subsystem
tests and the DT-IIA tests.
4.8 First flight release.  For those escape systems that are being
developed as an integral part of, or concurrently with, an aircraft development
program, the release of the escape system for the first flight to be conducted
by contractor personnel in the development program aircraft shall be contingent
a. Type I approval of all ballistic tests specified in
b.  Completion of all DT-IA and DT-IB tests as required.
c. Completion of the following DT-IIA tests as required:
Crash loads (see
Physiological acceptability demonstrations (see
Recovery subsystem (see
The escape system shall be in accordance with the requirements of MIL-D-8708
prior to approval for use by Government personnel.  Completion of all DT-IIA
and DT-IIB testing is required prior to completion of the first 300 flight
hours in the aircraft test program. Flight restrictions may be imposed based
on data from the DT-IB test program.

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