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Page Title: Facility test support
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Define all configuration changes.
Include a test classification (success, failure, or no-test)
for each test and test series.
List all applicable motion picture films, failure reports,
and failure analyses.
For all ejection tests, include a final test data matrix
and a composite trajectory plot in accordance with the
appendix for each series of tests (i.e., track tests,
aircraft canopy and escape path clearance subsystem tests,
and inflight ejection tests).
4.7.4 Facility test support.  As part of the TPMP (see 4.7.1), the
contractor shall prepare a Government facility test support document detailing
the specific test support required from and the responsibilities of the
Government facility (see 6.2.2). Preparation of the Government facility
test support document shall be coordinated with each Government facility
participating in the test programs. Facility support requirements
peculiar to ejection tests are specified irk the appendix. Test support equipment.  The test support equipment used in
conducting tests shall be capable of meeting the conditions required by the
tests specified herein. Instrumentation.  Measurements shall be made with instruments
whose accuracy has been verified to the satisfaction of the procuring activity.
Complete data and information describing the performance characteristics of
the data collection system including transducers, signal conditioning, filtering
recording and playback equipment shall be prepared and included in the test
plan and the test report. Also, instrumentation methodology including
calibration procedures shall be included in the test plan and test report.
4.7.5 Test articles.  Except for DT-IA testing, the test articles shall
be manufactured and assembled in accordance with the testing baseline
configuration (see and any approved changes thereto. There shall be
no special selection fittinq, or modification of parts, components or
subassemblies to obtain fit, required performance, or to improve test results.
In the event a part, component, or subassembly is determined to have a
nonconforming characteristic the contractor shall immediately notify the
resident Government quality assurance representative of the part number, the
nature of the deficiency, the anticipated problems associated with the use of
the nonconforming part, action recommended concerning the part, and action to
be taken to preclude recurrence of similar nonconformities in future lots.
The configuration of the DT-IA test articles shall be the contractor's
responsibility. The contractor shall ensure that the configuration of each
DT-IA test article is documented by drawings, sketches, production route
sheets, or other records acceptable to the procuring activity. DT-IIB test
articles shall not be reused. Reuse of DT-IB and DT-IIA escape systems or
components thereof shall be specified in the test plans (see 4.7.2). The
contractor shall bear full responsibility for any failure resulting from reuse
of components or subsystems. For test classification purposes, the failure
of a used part shall be treated the same as a failure of a new part. Test

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