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Page Title: Tubular magazine
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MIL-S-3443G (AR)
3.10.1 Tubular magazine.  The tubular magazine shall be of
such design and construction as to provide easy access to the
interior for cleaning, inspection~  and preventative maintenance.
If the tube is of a closed end design, a positive mechanical
locking device, i.e., a screw, pin, spring, loaded detent, etc.,
shall be used to secure the magazine to the receiver. If the
tube is of open end design, the magazine tube shall be positively
secured to the barrel and a magazine tube removable [e.g.,
threaded) cap shall be provided to allow easy access for
The magazine spring shall be retained inside the maga-
zine tube (e.g., by a removable magazine spring retaining ring)
when the cap is removed.
3.10.2  Safe-fire  control  (disconnector).  The  shotgun  shall
incorporate a safe-fire control feature which shall prevent
releasing the firing mechanism when the slide action is operated
It shall not be possible to actuate
with the trigger depressed.
the firing mechanism until the breech bolt is in the locked
3.10.3  Safety  device.  A positive safety device shall be
provided which, when set at the safe position, shall prevent
firing of the shotgun.  It shall be moveable manually between the
safe position and the fire position and shall remain in the
position set until reset manually.  The gun shall not fire when
the hammer is cocked, the safety is on, and the trigger is
depressed.  Nor shall the gun fire after the above sequence if
the trigger is released and then the safety is moved to the fire
The safety device shall meet the force requirements
specified in Table I even after repeated actuations.
Easy and convenient unloading of
3.10.4  Safe  unloadinq.
live ammunition from the magazine shall be possible without
cycling the ammunition through the chamber.
3.10.5 Slide and breech bolt act ion.  The slide action
shall operate smoothly throughout its full travel.  When the
slide action is pulled rearward, it shall cause the breech bolt
to open for extraction and ejection of the fired shell.  When the
slide is returned to the forward position, it shall cause the
breech bolt to chamber the next round and lock in the battery
position.  When the design of the shotgun employs the use of an
aluminum receiver, the breech bolt shall lock directly to the
barrel or barrel extension.  When the breech bolt is in the
battery position, the slide shall not be capable of being moved
rearward by manual operation.  However, an unlocking device shall
be provided which can be manually operated to allow the slide to
be manually pulled rearward for the purpose of extracting and

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