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Page Title: Functioning test
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MIL-S-3443G (AR)
cracks, deformations, and other evidence of damage and shell
cases shall be visually examined for bulges, splits, rings, and
other defects caused by defective barrels.  Headspace shall be
checked using inspection equipment approved by the Government.
Shotguns shall be tested for
4.6.3  Functioning  test.
functioning requirement (see 3.17.3) by hand functioning and
In performing this test, all shells shall be
function firing.
Prior to firing, one magazine full of
fed from the magazine.
dummy shells (5 minimum) shall be chambered, extracted and
ejected by hand operation of the slide without pulling the
Shotguns shall then be function fired by firing at
least one magazine full of rounds (5 minimum).  All shells shall
be fed from the magazine.  Moving the slide entirely to the rear
shall extract the shell from the chamber and eject it freely and
completely out of the receiver.  Returning the slide action
forward to the closed position shall feed the next shell into the
Thrusting the slide forward sharply by hand in
cambering shall not fire the shell.  The safe fire control
feature shall be checked for compliance with 3.10.2. The safety
device shall be actuated and firing attempted to determine
compliance with 3.10.3 including actuating force (see Table I).
4.6.4 Targeting and accuracy (pattern) test.
shall be tested for targeting and accuracy (pattern) requirement
(see 3.17.4) at a range of 40 yards one foot. The pattern
sheet shall not be less than 40 nor more than 60 inches square.
Aim shall be taken on the pattern sheet. Five shots shall be
fired at five different pattern sheets (one shot per target).
A 30-inch circle, entirely on the pattern sheet, shall be super-
imposed over the maximum density of the shot holes of each
The shot holes within the 30-inch circle of each target
shall be counted and the average of the five targets shall be
used to determine whether the pattern requirements have been met.
4.6.5  Endurance  test.  Shotguns shall be tested for
endurance requirement (see 3.17.5) by firing 3000 rounds of
The safety device shall be tested for endurance by
being actuated and checked for compliance with 3.10.3 prior to
each magazine full of shells during the firing of 3000 rounds.
The force to actuate the safety device shall be measured at the
start of firing and at 1000-round intervals. The speed at which
slide is operated and the attitude of the gun shall be varied
throughout the test to determine compliance with the requirements
of 3.10.6 and 3.10.7 dealing with "fired" shells. Shotguns shall
be lubricated prior to the testing and may be cleaned and
lubricated at intervals of not less than each 100 rounds or at
the close of the day's firing at the contractor's option.Forced

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