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Page Title: Armature or plunger travel
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3.4.5 Armature or plunger travel. The armature or plunger shall be provided with sufficient travel to completely
activate the load equipment as required. Unless otherwise specified (see 3.1), positive stops shall be provided at
both extremes of travel and shall be sufficiently spring loaded to force the armature and load to the normal or
deenergized position with the coil deenergized and under maximum load conditions and temperature extremes.
3.4.6 Installation provisions. Clearances shall be provided for installation of power cables and mounting hardware.
Unless otherwise specified (see 3.1), special installation tools shall not be required by virtue of the solenoid design.
3.4.7 Solid state components. Diodes and other solid state devices shall be of sufficient ratings to withstand peak
reverse voltage transients of the utilizing electrical power system. The minimum and maximum peak inverse volts
(PIV) shall be as specified in 3.1.
3.4.8 Weight (when specified, see 3.1). Solenoids shall not exceed the specified weight.
3.4.9 Tolerances. Unless otherwise specified, all electrical, environmental, and mechanical parameters contained
in this specification shall have a tolerance of 10 percent.
3.5 Electrical requirements.
3.5.1 Electrical characteristics. Operating force (torque) (see The operating force (torque) shall be as specified in 3.1. The term
"force" is applicable to solenoids having linear output motion. The term "torque" is applicable to solenoids having
rotary output motion. Compensated actuating voltage (see The solenoid shall be in the energized position. Deactuating voltage (or current) (when specified, see 3.1 and The solenoid shall be in the
energized position with more than maximum deactuating voltage (or current) applied, and shall be in the deenergized
position with less than minimum deactuating voltage (or current) applied. Operate and release time (when specified, see 3.1 and The time required for the solenoid to
complete the energized function or to revert to the deenergized position shall not exceed the values specified. Coil current (see The coil current shall not exceed the specified requirements (see 3.1). DC coil resistance (see The dc coil resistance shall be as specified (see 3.1).
3.5.2 Insulation resistance (see 4.7.3). The insulation resistance (unless otherwise specified, see 3.1), shall be
1,000 megohms, minimum, except that the insulation resistance between coil and case at the maximum specified
ambient temperature shall be 500 megohms, minimum.
3.5.3 Dielectric withstanding voltage (see 4.7.4). There shall be no evidence of damage, arcing, breakdown, or
leakage current in excess of 0.5 milliampere.
3.5.4 Mounting stud and terminal strength (see 4.7.5). The mounting studs and terminals shall not loosen, nor
shall there be any other damage when subjected to the static values of tension and torque specified in table I. Wire
lead terminals shall meet the specified pull requirements.

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