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Page Title: Transport assembly mounting
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3.12.2 Wheel hubs.  Wheel hubs shall be fitted with antifriction bearings to
suit the application.  The bearings shall be located so as to prevent vibration
of the hub.  A positive means of making minor adjustments to the bearings shall
be provided.
3.12.3 Tires.
Tires shall be size 9.00 x 16, 8-ply rating.
3.12.4 Tubes.
Tubes shall be compatible with the tires provided.
The spreader shall be mounted to the
3.12.5 Transport assembly mounting.
transport assembly by use of an appropriate lifting device such as a crane,
wrecker, etc.  A step by step procedure for mounting and dismounting the
spreader to and from the transport assembly shall be included in the technical
manual furnished with the spreader.  Use of bumper jacks for this operation
shall not be permitted.
3.13 Coupling.  A coupling that is compatible with the truck hitch (see
3.14), shall be provided with each spreader. The coupling shall permit vertical
adjustment to the height required for connecting to the truck and also for
providing a means for keeping the receiving hopper adjusted to the operating
level while spreading.  The coupling shall have ample swivel movement to permit
the spreader to follow road contours.  The vertical adjustment control and the
control used to unlock the coupling from the truck hitch shall be located so
there will be no interference with the truck tires and so they can be operated
by personnel standing at the control side of the spreader. The controls shall
permit adjustment to the extreme upper and lower position without evidence of
3.14 Truck hitch.
A truck hitch shall be provided with each spreader for
installation on rear cross members of the dump truck(s) specified (see 6.2).
The hitch shall have a vertical-height-range adjustment. The vertical-range
adjustment shall permit spreaders to be adjusted to a level position when
coupled to loaded trucks.
3.15 Lubrication.  All surfaces that require lubrication shall be provided
with a means for lubricating.
3.15.1 Lubricants.  The procedure for the selection of lubricants shall be in
accordance with section 5 of MIL-STD-838.  Lubricants selected shall be in
accordance with chapter 2 of MIL-HDBK-113.  When the specification of the
lubricant selected includes a requirement for a qualified products list (QPL),
the lubricant supplied shall be from a source that is listed on the applicable
3.15.2 Lubrication fittings.  Lubrication fittings shall conform to
MIL-F-3541, type I, II, or III.  Fittings shall be located in a protected
position and shall be accessible to a hand-operated grease gun conforming to
MIL-G-3859 equipped with a 10-inch flexible extension. Accessibility to
fittings shall be provided without the removal or adjustment of accessories or
parts. Where holes are cut in covers, plates, etc., to provide accessibility to

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