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Page Title: Support wheels
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The plate shall be made from material as specified in 3.18. A positive cutoff
shall be provided to prevent spill or dribble of aggregate when the spreader is
not in operation.
3.11 Support wheels. While in operation, the spreader shall be entirely
supported by not less than two sets of dual pneumtic-tired wheels which shall be
located to insure ease of disassembly for replacing tires. The wheels shall be
arranged so that when the dump truck to which the spreader is attached is moving
in reverse gear, the wheels of the spreader shall not come in contact with the
road surface being constructed until it is covered with aggregate from the
3.11.1 Tires.  Tires shall be of the industrial type, size 6.90 x 9, not less
than 6 ply rating. Tire inflation pressures, recommended by the Tire and Rim
Association Yearbook, shall be stenciled in 1 inch high letters near each
tire.  Tires furnished under this specification shall be not more than 12 months
old on the date of shipment by the manufacturer.
Tubes shall be compatible with the tires provided.
3.11.2 Tubes.
3.12 Transport assembly.  The spreader shall be furnished with a removable
transport mounting assembly equipped with pneumatic-tired wheels and a drawbar
for attachment to the dump truck.  The transport mounting shall raise the
spreader to provide not less than a 20 degree angle of departure from the hori-
zontal.  The transport assembly shall permit the spreader to be towed at speeds
up to 35 mph over smooth surfaced roads without damage to any component. The
transport wheels shall be mounted perpendicular to the supporting wheels and
shall be located so that the load imposed on the pintle of the prime mover shall
be not less than 150 pounds nor more than 300 pounds. The drawbar for the trans
port assembly shall be fitted with a lunette conforming to MS51336. Provisions
shall be made for vertical adjustment of the drawbar so that the spreader will
remain essentially level when attached to vehicles with pintle heights between
30 and 36 inches.  Where the transport assembly is bolted to the spreader,
self-locking nuts or lock washers shall be provided to prevent loosening due to
vibration.  The spreader shall be equipped with adjustable landing legs to
support the spreader when it is stored while mounted on the transport assembly.
The operator's platform, the truck hitch assembly, and the block-off plates
shall be stored in the hopper during transport. As an option, the block-off
plates may be stored in the toolbox.  Anchors shall be provided to keep each
item in place in the hopper during transport.  The weight imposed on the pintle
shall be determined with the above items in the hopper.  Two red reflectors
conforming to MS35387-1 shall be mounted on the rear end of the hopper as far
apart as practicable.  Two safety chains shall comply with all applicable FMCSR
and FMVSS regulations and shall be attached to the drawbar. Each chain shall
extend between 36 and 42 inches beyond the Iunette eye and shall be equipped
with a safety hook.  The hook shall pass through a 2-inch diameter opening.
Transport wheels shall be of the single type.
3.12.1 Wheels.

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