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Page Title: Data plates.
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treated with anti-rust coating material in accordance with TTMA Technical Bulletin No. 56.
When specified (see 6.2), the semitrailer shall be treated and painted in accordance with
MIL-T-704, type A. Further, when specified (see 6.2), the multiple coat application requirement
of MIL-T-704 may be reduced to a single coat having a minimum 10-mil dry thickness, when the
semitrailers are painted with a color inpregnated, rust preventative coating of thixotrapic, solvent
cutback, wax-based compounds having self-healing features. Data plates. Data plates shall be applied to the semitrailer on metal plates in
accordance with the "Metal Name Plate Industry Standards and Practices", as published by the
National Association of Metal Name Plate Manufacturers, Inc., (NAME). Identification and
shipping data plates shall be of material in accordance with MIL-P-514, composition C. The
plates shall be secured to each end item in accordance with the NAME Standards and Practices. Identification. The semitrailer shall be identified in accordance with DOT, the
manufacturers, and MIL-STD-130 on MIL-P-514, type I, style 1 plates. The date of the delivery
shall be that of the complete vehicle(s) under contract and shall not be prior to date of
Government acceptance. Shipping data. The semitrailer shall have shipping data applied to MIL-P-514,
type III plates. These plates shall show the silhouette of the end items, in transport position,
indicating the empty center of gravity and the semitrailer manufacturer's approved points
capable of being lifted or tied-down or, when furnished, the location and capacity of the lifting
and the tiedown attachments. The plates shall be attached in a conspicuous protected location on
the curbside. Instruction. Each semitrailer shall be equipped with instruction plates, decals, or
diagrams, including warnings and cautions, describing any special or important procedures to be
followed in assembling, operating, or servicing. The safety, warning, caution, and notice plates
shall be in accordance with ANSI Z35.1 and compatible with the space available. Wiring diagram. The vehicular electrical wiring diagram plates or decals shall be
furnished on the semitrailer, following TTMA Technical Bulletin No. 65. Operating instruction. Operating instruction plates or decals shall be furnished and
shall be permanently affixed in a readable location near the applicable components. Instructions
shall be clear and concise and shall contain sufficient information to enable operation without
damage to the components or injury to personnel.
3.2.3 Marking. As specified by the procuring activity for the appropriate service (see 6.2),
marking and registration numbers shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-1223. The GVWR
shall be marked on each forward front side of each body and the tire pressure (TP) shall be
marked near the tires.

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