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Page Title: Lifting attachment
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3.2.4 Safety. The safety characteristics of the semitrailer shall meet the following minimum
Minimize danger created by the equipment design.
Minimize hazards to personnel and to property.
Result in furnishing material having a correct safety factor.
Provide safety and protective devices which do not impair the operating functional
requirements or furnish prominent warnings.
Provide correct safe guarding, enclosing, and insulating features for exposed
components and systems which are subject to high temperatures, high pressures,
electrical actuation, or which are inherently hazardous.
Comply with SAE J185 on all walkway and step surfaces and handholds.
Eliminate nonfunctional sharp edges, projecting points, and excessive length of
Incorporate human factors engineering characteristics into the semitrailer; provide
the operating characteristics of the semitrailer for operation by personnel ranging
from the small person, clothed, through the large person, arctic clothed, in
accordance with SAE J833 and SAE J925.
Conform to the California Vehicle Code, Division 12.
Conform to DOT Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).
Conform to DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR).
Conform to the DOL OSHA Standards and the Construction Safety Standards
applicable to for dump vehicles employed in construction work.
3.2.5 Lifting attachment. When specified (see 6.2), the semitrailer shall be provided with
lifting attachments conforming to MIL-STD-209. The attachments shall enable the empty
semitrailer to be lifted in its normal traveling or operating position. The attachments shall not
result in damage or permanent deformation of the slings or of the exterior of the semitrailer. No
spreader bars are permitted. Each attachment shall withstand not less than 2-1/2 times the
normal load imposed on the attachment. Attachments for multiple slings shall be located so that
the slings will converge not more than 19 feet above the lowest extremity of the load, when such
limitation is possible. Attachments shall be positioned so that the lifting strain will be in line
with the longitudinal axis of the eye of the attachment. The inside diameter of the eye shall be
not less than 3 inches. Members to which attachments are fastened and the fastenings
themselves shall withstand all stresses imposed by the attachment. Loadings imposed when any
two diagonally opposite lifting attachments and corresponding sling legs suspend the complete
semitrailer shall not cause permanent deformation or racking damage. Where required structural
members shall be reinforced to meet the lifting requirements specified herein. Lifting
attachments may also be used as tiedown attachments when such attachments meet the
requirements specified in 3.2.6.

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