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Page Title: First article semitrailer.
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When the dump angle of the body may be less than the minimum angle specified or
may be of the horizontal discharge type (see 3.6 and applicable specification sheet).
(o)  When a self-contained type hoist system is required in lieu of the standard
truck-tractor hydraulic hose type and if the self-contained type hoist system is
required, whether the engine in 3.8 shall be required to be gasoline or diesel type
[see 3.6.1 (b)].
(p)  When truck-tractor hydraulic system components or details are required for
contractor mounting on the user's vehicle, contractor furnished vehicle, dealer
mounting, or user mounting (see 3.6.1 (a) and 6.4). Information as to
truck-tractor/semitrailer hydraulic system connections and the specifications of the
intended truck-tractor system should be given, if known, to insure compatibility
(i.e., truck make, vehicle identification number (VIN), model, and year;
transmission make and model).
(q)  When an air suspension system is required (see table III, VMRS 16-008).
(r)  When and which sizes and types of tires other than wide base single tires are
required (see table III, VMRS 17-001).
(s)  When a spare tire and wheel is required and if the spare is to be semitrailer mounted
or supplied for motor pool tire shop storage (see table III, VMRS 17-001).
(t)  When wheel chock blocks and either cradels or hangers are required (see table III,
VMRS 53-004-013).
(u)  When front stiff-leg supports, in lieu of gear box types are required (see table III,
VMRS 77-002).
(v)  When both l2-v. and 24-v. electrical systems are required for both commercial and
military design truck-tractors (see 3.10).
(w) Technical publication requirements (see 3.14).
(x)  When road testing is not required (see
(y)  When the Government will conduct the reliability and maintainability tests
specified in
(z)  When military processing is required (see 5.2).
(aa) Level of preservation and packaging required (see 5.2.1).
6.3 First article semitrailer. Any changes or deviations of subsequent production
semitrailers from the approved first article semitrailers will be subject to the approval of the
contracting officer. Approval of the first article semitrailer will not relieve the contractor of his
obigation to furnish semitrailers conforming to this specification.
6.4 Details of user's intended truck-tractor. Prior to use of this specification for
procurement, the following data for the applicable towing truck-tractor should be obtained from
the user:
Detailed characteristics of hydraulic hose type hoist system of truck-tractor.
Make, model, year and if available, vehicle identification number of truck-tractor.
Make and model of transmission.

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