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Page Title: Auxiliary branch circuits
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MIL-S-52124B(ME) power receptacles. Auxiliary branch circuits. Five female receptacles of
the 4-pole type suitable for 20-ampere, 440-volt service shall be pro-
vided.  The receptacles shall be equal to and interchangeable with Joy
part No. X8060-85 and shall consist of an insert equal to and inter-
changeable with Joy part No. x8060-85 provided with 24-inch pigtails
plus a spring-loaded covered mounting shell equal to and interchange-
able with Joy part No. X1697.  The receptacles shall be mounted in a
bank accessible to the operator from ground level. Receptacle (main feeder). A 4-pole male receptacle for
200-ampere, 400-volt service shall be provided for the main feeder,
and shall include a spring-loaded dust cover and a safety chain.  The
receptacle shall be equal to and interchangeable with Joy part No.
x8617-26. The receptacle for the main feeder shall be labeled "main
feeder receptacle." Auxiliary main feeder outlet. An auxiliary receptacle
shall be provided and permanently connected to and mounted adjacent
to the main-feeder receptacle.  The auxiliary receptacle shall be iden-
tical to the main-feeder receptacle, except that it shall be of the
female type equal to and interchangeable with Joy part No. X8617-40.
The reeeptacle shall be labeled "auxiliary main feeder outlet." Plate feeder.  A power receptacle identical to the
receptacles for the auxiliary branch circuits shall be provided on
the plate feeder to mate with the auxiliary cable for ground-mounted
operation. Main feeder disconnect.  The main feeder disconnect shall
be a circuit breaker conforming to NEMA Standard AB-l. The circuit
breaker Shall be a nonautomatic circuit interrupter with shunt trip
device l  It shall provide watertight (type IV) and dusttight (type V)
construction in accordance with NEMA Standard IC-1. The brewer shall Safety cutouts.  TWO, one-position, pushbutton, switch-
type, normally-open safety cutouts shall be furnished. Each safety
cutout shall be rated at 30-ampere maximum interrupting current and
shall be labeled "STOP."  The safety cutouts shall be of dusttight
(type V) and watertight ( type IV) construction in accordance with
REMA Standard XC-l.  One safety cutout shall be located on the

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