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Page Title: Cable assemblies.
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distribution panel.  The other safety cutout shall be located so as to
be operable from ground level while viewing the side of the screening
unit opposite the side on which the distribution panel is mounted. Distribution panel and branch circuit protective devices.
The panel shall be of dusttight (type V) and watertight (type IV)
construction in accordance with NEMA Standard IC-1.  The panel shall
be 3-phase, 4-wire, solid neutral, with 200-ampere, main lug capacity.
Each branch circuit shall be provided with a circuit breaker in accord-
ance with NEMA Standard AB-1.  Single-pole circuit breakers will be
accept-able if provided with handle tie bars for each individual poly-
phase circuit.  Each starter shall be considered as a branch circuit,
and individual circuit breakers shall be provided for all starters. Motor starters.  Each motor on the screening unit shall be
provided with a motor starter.  The motor starters shall be in accord-
ance with MIL-S-12514, type I, class 2, and shall be the 3-pole,
alternating current, magnetic, nonreversing, across-the-line type rated
for 440-volt, 60-cycle operation.  The enclosures shall be watertight
(type IV) and dusttight (type V) in acordance with NEMA Standard IC-1
and shall be provided with start-stop pushbuttons in the covers.
3.8.3 Cable assemblies. Power cables and reels and ground rods. The main feeder
cable shall consist of two identical l00-foot lengths of cable con-
forming to MIL-C-3432, type CO-03HGF (3/00 - 3/5R) 1750. Each
length shall be provided with a 4-pole male connector on one end and
a 4-pole female connector on the other end.  The cables shall be pro-
vided with safety chains and strain collars.  A safety chain shall be
attached to the male connector of each cable.  Each connector shall
be provided with a protective cap attached to the cable with sash chain.
Each cable assembly shall be equal to and interchangeable with Joy part
No. XB617-25.  A manually operated reel or reels to contain the main
feeder cable shall be permanently mounted on the screening unit. The
reel or reels shall. be of steel construction and ratchet type, and pro-
vision shall be made to lock the cables on the reel or reels. Three
ground rods shall be furnished and shall conform to MIL-R-l1461, type
II, style 2, except that the ground tire shall be 15 feet long. A l/4-
inch bronze grounding stud or bolt with nut and two internal-external
toothed washers shall be provided in the frame of the screening unit,
near the distribution panel, for attaching the ground-wire clamp to the
screening unit.  The ground-rod assemblies, clamps, and wires shall be
stowed in the toolbox.

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