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Page Title: Wiring.
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The blackout__combination light shall be installed inboard or below
the service combination lights.  These lights shall be installed and
centered behind 6-inch diameter holes and shall be flush with the
service combination lights.  Shielding shall be provided to prevent
damage from road splash. Wiring. The semitrailer wiring shall be routed within the
framing members whenever possible.  Clamps, grommets, and loom shall be
provided to prevent whipping, chafing, or other mechanical damage. Wiring
shall be fastened at intervals not to exceed 3 feet,  Two or more wires
in the same routing shall be bound together into a harness with one-half'
overlapping wraps of plastic electrical tape, or revered with tubing
insulation.  Splices shall be waterproof.  Splices shall be either soldered
and insulated or mechanical splicing devices shall be furnished at branch
splice points.  These splicing devices shall be fastened to the semi-
trailer members and the interior waterproofed with silicone lubricant.
All circuits shall be identified by number coding as specified in figure
3, using circuit number bands near each connection. Friction connectcra
shall be lubricated with silicone lubricant prior to assembly, and
shall be secured to the semitrailer with spring clips to prevent whipping.
A waterproof, electrical, semitrailer type commercial nose box with in-
sulated terminal strips and terminals; or two junction boxes shall be
furnished.  The nose box or junction boxes shall contain connectors for
all circuits, and the- nose box shall additionally house the three circuit
breakers.  These components shall be located in the drawbar area. From
the connections, the harness shall be routed rearward along the frame
side member to the screening unit lights.  The service combination
lights shall be equipped with friction connectors on the two live, pig-
tail leads, and a spade connector on the grounding pigtail lead for
belting to the frame. Reflectors.  Reflectors shall be furnished and installed as
required by ICC regulations.  In addition, two amber reflectors shall
be installed on the front corners within the same height range as those
on the side.
3.13.7 Landing gear and stabilizing jacks.  The semitrailer shall be
equipped with not less than four screw-action stabilizing jacks, and
a semitrailer landing gear permanently attached to the chassis.  The
stabilizing jacks shall conform to GGG-J-51, type I, class 3} diameter
of the screw not less than 2-1/2 inches, and rated capacity 15 tons.
The stabilizing jacks shall have steel ball-bearing caps.  The base of
the stabilizing jacks shall be fully enclosed, and detachable pads shall

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