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Page Title: Trailing and turning ability
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operation sites, when towed by crawler tractor(s). Without prior
preparation, the screening unit shall ford hard-bottomed bodies
of water up to 30 inches in depth without damage or adverse effects
because of immersion. Trailing and turning ability.  The screening unit shall
trail the towing vehicle without weaving or sidesway. The screening
unit shall follow the truck-tractor without exceeding 75 percent of
the. ICC tracking deviation, as specified in 193.70 of the ICC Regu-
lations, when towed over a paved surface. Jackknife turns Up to an,
angle of 90 degrees for truck-tractor-semitrailer combination and
turns up to 60 degrees for truck-tiny-semitrailer combination as
measured from straight-ahead to the right and to the left shall not
cause damage to or interference between the prime mover, dolly, or
screening unit. Braking ability. The combined service brakes of the
prime mover and screening unit shall control, decelerate, and stop
the combination in accordance with ICC Regulations, except that the
brake application and stopping distance shall be accurately measured
from initial movement of the brake pedal to the stopping point. The
emergency breakaway system shall provide a controlled, emergency brake
application that shall stop and hold the screening unit without haz-
ardous unbalance when actuated by disconnect, breakage, or leakage of
the emergency line.  With the brake system of the screening unit
stabilized at a maximum working pressure of 100 psi, the air leakage
within the dolly-semitrailer brake system, tested in accordance with
TTMA3-1-12, shall not exceed 0.5 psi per minute with the brakes re-
leased, nor exceed 1.0 psi per minute with the brakes applied. Suspension system.  The suspension system of dolly and
screening unit shall withstand the imposed loads without evidence of
overload, wear, malfunction, or permanent deformation when they are
subjected to the loadings and the operating conditions specified here-
in.  When the dolly is coupled to the semitrailer, the articulation
shall provide not less than 6 inches difference in elevation between
opposite wheels on each axle without loss of tire-to-ground contact.
In addition, not less than 6 inches articulation shall be required
between all combinations of diagonally opposite wheels on multiple
axle suspensions without loss of tire-to-ground contact.  The 6 inches
of articulation shall be 3 inches up and 3 inches down.
3.16.2 Railroad.  Sectionalization for rail transportation shall be
within the dimensional limits shown on figure 4, except that item length

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