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Page Title: Exaction parachute provision
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3.19.4 Exaction parachute provision. A single fitting shall be provided on
the scraper for attachment of the parachute extraction system. Except as
specified herein, the fittings shall conform to MIL-STD-814 and shall withstand
stresses in the amount and direction of pull specified without weld failure or
permanent deformation of the scraper or the provisions. In lieu of the limit
load specified in MIL-STD-814, the limit load of the provision shall be 56,580
pounds. The design ultimate strength of welded sections shall be four times the
limit load.
3.20 Identification plates and marking.  Each scraper shall be furnished with
an identification plate showing the contractor's model number, NSN, USA registra-
tion number, serial number, weight, date of manufacture and date of delivery.
The identification plate shall be permanently affixed to the scraper in a
readily accessible and conspicuous location. plates shall conform to MIL-P-514
or contractor's standard plates subject to the approval of the contracting
officer. All components removed or disassembled for shipment shall be
matchmarked for proper reassembly. The scraper shall be-identified in
accordance with the contractor's standard method.
3.21 Instruction plates.  The scraper shall be equipped with instruction
plates including warnings and cautions suitably located and permanently affixed,
describing any special or important procedure to be followed in operating and
servicing the scraper. Plates shall conform to MIL-P-514 or contractor's
standard plates subject to the approval of the contracting officer.  Instruc-
tions for disassembly of the type II scraper into two sections and reassembly
shall be provided on cards approximately 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches which shall
be encased in laminated plastic.  One set shall be furnished with each type II
3.22 Shipping data plates.  Shipping data plates for each scraper shall be
furnished and shall show the silhouette of the scraper and each section (type 11
scraper only), indicating the location and capacity of tiedown provisions,
slinging provisions, extraction provisions, suspension provisions, the center of
balance and shipping weight. Plates shall conform to MIL-P-514 or contractor's
standard plates subject to the approval of the contracting officer.  The plates
shall be attached to the left side of the scraper and shall show the locations
as viewed from the left side.  The plates on the sections, (type II scraper
only) shall be located in conspicuous protected locations. All plates shall be
permanently attached.
3.23 Treatment and painting.  The portions of the scraper normally painted
shall be cleaned, treated, primed and painted in accordance with the
contractor's standard commercial practice. The finishing coat shall be in
accordance with MIL-E-52798, forest green color.
3.24 Stenciling instructions. Stenciling instructions shall be provided with
each set of technical publications. The instructions shall be provided in card
form showing location and wording for tiedown, slinging, suspension, and
extraction provisions, tire pressure and the center of gravity for type I and
type II scraper, and the sectionalization storage area on the type II scraper.

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