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Page Title: Vibration.
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axis established in the test set-up, the geometric axis shall now be  -
made coincident with the cross-over point of both target and reticle
crosshair  patterns  and  the intesecting  point Of the sight's projected
reticle crosshair pattern image - appearing in the central area of the
beamsplitter, with Arm 10547473 in an operating position. This established
geometric axis shall be the optical line of sight in the following tests
and examinations. Vibration.- Prior to vibration, perform test, determine
compliance with 3.7.2, and record the optical-mechanical alignment demon-
strated by the sight.  Utilize test equipment conforming to 4.5 and apply
28 vdc to the sight's input in proper polarity. Throughout vibration, the
sight shall be under constant surveillance to detect any evidence of optical,
mechanical, or electrical component failure or malfunction, and that there
is no movement out of detent of the range knob from any preselected position
during vibration.  Except during dwells in, electrical circuits
shall be monitored to verify that no input current change occurs - indica-
tive of intermittent electrical connection, electrical short circuit, or
component malfunction in either "0N" position of the filament selector
switch.  The constant current drawn by each filament of the dual filament
lamp - or between lamps - need not be of identical value.  Subsequent to
vibration, the sight shall be examined for evidence of damage and again
subjected to test to determine compliance with 3.7.1.
Vibration "A".- Perform this test in compliance with require-
ments of 3.7.1 and and in accordance with Procedure I (Parts 1, 2
and 3) of MIL-STD-81O and the specific procedure herein and in
During this test, set the light Intensity control for maximum reticle lamp
The range knob shall be placed in a different detent position
and the filament selector switch shall be positioned in an alternate "ON"
position, each time Arm 10547473 is relocated" during each first hour vibra-
tion in each plane. During the first hour of each two hour vibration in
each plane, the arm (Arm 10547473) shall be in a stowed position for one
half hour and in an operating position for the remaining half hour. Record
throughout-the first hour of vibration in each plane all predominant resonant
frequencies exhibited by the sight and note the position of the arm at that
time.  Upon completion of the first hour of vibration in each plane, select
the four most prominent resonant frequencies of all those recorded regard-
less of the position of the arm.  Remove the reticle lamp and during the
remaining one hour vibration in each plane, vibrate the sight for not less
than 15 minutes at each one of the four resonant frequencies previously
selected with the arm in the position noted when the-resonant frequency
was first recorded.  Upon completion of the entire vibration test (of two
hours in each plane for a total of six hours), the sight shall be examined
as specified in with reticle lamp 10547031 reinserted.
4.6,.4.1.2 Vibration "B".- Perform this test in compliance with re-
quirements of 3.7.1 and, procedures herein and in with the
light intensity set for optimum viewing of the projected reticle image.

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