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Page Title: Optical-mechanical alignment
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The range knob shall be set with' 250 on the white scale aligned with Housing
10547322 index.  Prior to vibration, the geometric center of the projected
reticle image shall be made coincident to the intersection of a crosshair
and this intersection shall be located at the center of a reticle displacement
target circle.  The filament selector switch shall be in one "ON" position
for half the vibration period and in an alternate "ON" position for the
remaining half.  Throughout vibration, the observer shall locate his eye
eight to ten inches from the beamsplitter in the direction of the projector
lamp housing to verify that no flicker occurs in the projected reticle image
and that the coincidence established herein remains within the circumference
of the reticle target circle.  Upon completion of the entire vibration test,
the subsequent to vibration examination specified in shall be per-
formed. Optical-mechanical alignment.- This test shall employ a
medium to hold and position the sight in compliance with 3.7.  Prior to
inserting the sight into the medium provided, utilize an auxiliary telescope
whose line of sight has been orientated in accordance with 3.7.2 and when its
geometric axis is in a vertical longitudinal plane that is parallel to the
vertical longitudinal plane containing Line "X" (Figure 1) subsequent to
sight insertion.  Record the results obtained. in and Azimuth alignment.- After mounting the sight, observe that
its line of sight is in compliance with and passes through the
central area of the beamsplitter.  Record the results of this examination.
Adjust the azimuth positioning screw over its full range of travel and
observe that the line of sight through the geometric axis of the projected
reticle pattern can be adjusted through the range specified in Elevation alignment.- Observe that the line of sight through
the geometric axis of the projected reticle image is in coincidence with
its respective horizontal target line, with in the tolerance specified in  This check shall be made with line "W" in a level plane.
Subsequent to vibration this examination shall be again repeated to
determine compliance with the line of sight retention requirement
of 3.7.1. Optical-mechanical alignment retention.- This test consists .
of repeating  (a) subsequent to vibration tests in; (b) upon
elevating and depressing the sight (in accordance with the procedure specified
herein); and (c)"after completion of each one of each three cycles of the
handling cycles specified herein.  The recorded data in shall be
utilized to verify compliance with 3.7.1 and 3.7.3. Elevation and depression
of the sight shall be in a vertical longitudinal plane 177 roils above line
`W' (Figure 1) and then 408 roils below line "W". Prior to and after
completing each operational cycle, as defined herein, verify that a line of
sight in the established geometric axis (established in intersects
the center of the projected reticle image in elevation and depression

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