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Page Title: Lifting and typing down attachments.
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concentrated loads permissible as specified in 3.3. Appropriate loading instructions and
cautions, as applicable to the manufacturer's design, shall be furnished on the plates. A plate
shall be provided on each side of the vehicle in a conspicuous location. The plates shall conform
to composition A (class 1 or 2) or composition C of MIL-P-514.
* Lifting and typing down attachments. When specified (see 6.2), the semitrailer
shall be equipped with lifting and tying down attachments. Lifting and tying down attachments
shall conform to type II or type III of MIL-STD-209. A transportation plate conforming to
composition A (class 1 or 2) or composition C of MIL-P-514 shall be attached to the semitrailer.
The transportation plate shall be inscribed with a diagram showing the lifting attachments and
proposed lifting slings, the capacity of lifting attachments and proposed lifting slings, the
capacity of each attachment, and the required length and size of each sling cable. A silhouette of
the semitrailer, showing the center of gravity, shall be provided on the transportation plate.
Tiedown attachments shall be identified by stenciling or other suitable markings. Tiedown
markings shall clearly indicate that the attachments are intended for the tiedown of the
semitrailer on the carrier when shipped.
* Lubrication chart. When specified (see 6.2), a lubrication chart shall be
provided. The chart shall direct attention to all lubrication fittings and specify the range and
grade of lubricants required for critical temperatures. The chart shall be permanently attached to
the semitrailer in a readily visible location. The chart shall be inscribed on a plate conforming to
composition A (class 1 or 2) or composition C of MIL-P-514.
3.2 General design.
3.2.1 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The vehicle shall comply with all Federal
Motor Vehicle Safety Standards applicable to the type of semitrailer furnished and in effect on
the date of manufacture.
3.2.2 Dissimilar metals. All dissimilar metals used throughout the vehicle shall be
insulated from one another to prevent galvanic or electrolytic action.
3.2.3 Ratings. Vehicle ratings shall be the manufacturer's published ratings. Component
and vehicular ratings shall not be raised to meet the requirements of this specification. When
published ratings are not available, verification of ratings shall be available to the appropriate
engineering office of the procuring activity.
3.2.4 Accessibility. The design of the vehicle and optional equipment shall permit
access for routine servicing and shall permit access for replacement and adjustment of
component parts and accessories with minimal disturbance of other components and systems.

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