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Page Title: First production vehicle inspection.
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specification shall not relieve the contractor of the responsibility for ensuring that all products or
supplies submitted to the Government for acceptance comply with all requirements of the
contract. Sampling inspection, as part of manufacturing operations, is an acceptable practice to
ascertain conformance requirements, however, this does not authorize submission of known
defective material, either indicated or actual, nor does it commit the Government to acceptance
of defective material.
4.2 Government verification. Quality assurance operations performed by the contractor
will be subject to Government verification at unscheduled intervals. Verification will consist of
observation of the operations to determine that practices, methods and procedures of the
contractor's inspection are being properly applied. Failure of the contractor to promptly correct
product deficiencies discovered shall be cause for suspension of acceptance until correction has
been made or until conformance of product to specification criteria has been demonstrated.
4.3 First production vehicle inspection. The first vehicle produced under the contract
shall be inspected by the contractor at his plant under the direction and in the presence of
Government representatives. The purpose of the inspection shall be to determine vehicle
conformity with the requirements of the contract. Acceptance of the first production vehicle
shall not constitute a waiver by the Government of its rights under the provisions of the contract.
4.3.1 Vehicle weight. The first production vehicle shall be weighed to determine the
curb weight and the distribution of the curb weight on the kingpin and rear axles. The imposed
loading on the kingpin and rear axles will be computed using curb weight and payload
distributed as specified in 3.4.1. The calculated imposed load on the rear axles will be used to
ascertain that the suspension, axles and tires are of adequate capacity to meet contract
4.3.2 Road test. The first production vehicle shall be road tested for a distance of not
less than 20 miles at speeds specified in 3.3 and loaded as specified in 3.4 to determine
conformance to the performance requirements of this specification. In addition, the semitrailer
shall be loaded with one and one half times the specified payload weight evenly distributed in the
loadspace and shall be examined to determine conformance to the static requirements of this
specification. Upon completion of the road test, the landing gear shall be tested. Test failure. The vehicle shall successfully complete the entire test. Failure of
the vehicle to successfully complete the test shall be cause for nonacceptance of any of the
contract quantity, pending correction of deficiencies and evidence of corrective action which
shall prevent the recurrence of similar deficiencies in the contract quantity. Failure of the vehicle

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