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Page Title: Electrical test
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to successfully complete the test shall not constitute an excusable delay in meeting scheduled
deliveries. The equipment shall be closely monitored throughout the test for interference with
towing operations, and for instability as evidenced by poor tracking or uncontrollable
sideslipping, skidding, swerving, or tilting. The equipment also shall be closely monitored for
loosening of parts, interference between parts, leakage of fluids or lubricants, overheating of
components, and for damage, permanent distortion, or excessive wear of parts and components.
The equipment shall be disassembled to the extent necessary for inspection for unusual wear or
damage to components. Substitution of a new semitrailer or replacement of a major component
may require complete retest at the discretion of the Government representatives. Rejection of the
test semitrailer shall be for damage or deficiencies, including but not limited to the following:
Damage caused by collision
Failure of any major component
Vibration due to misalinement of wheels or frame
Vibration due to the type of construction or mounting
Evidence of abnormal tire wear due to misalinement or unbalance
Failure of any vehicular safety device such as brakes or electrical circuits
Evidence of structural weakness in any part of the vehicles, vehicle components,
accessories or welds
(h) Loose mountings of parts or accessories due to workmanship or vehicular operation.
4.3.3 Electrical test. An electrical test shall be conducted on the first production vehicle
to determine that all vehicle lights are functioning. In addition, when an interconnected 24-volt
system is furnished (see 3.16.4), the circuits of the 12-contact receptacle shall be energized with
not less than 28 volts dc regulated voltage for a time sufficient to stabilize the temperature of the
resistor assembly for not less than 30 minutes in an ambient temperature of not less than 77F.
After the test the resistor assembly, including resistors, wiring and adjacent components, shall be
examined for evidence of overheating, deterioration or damage.
4.3.4 Production sample. Upon acceptance of the first production vehicle, it shall remain
at the manufacturing facility as a production sample and shall be the last vehicle shipped on the
contract. The contractor shall maintain the vehicle in a serviceable condition for the duration of
the contract.
4.3.5 Failure. Failure of the first production vehicle to meet requirements of the contract
shall be cause for the Government to refuse acceptance of all vehicles under the contract until
corrective action has been taken.

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