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Page Title: Vacuum pump.
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not less than 3-inch standard pipe size. All valve handles, of which one shall be provided for
each valve, shall be accessible from the ground. The piping system shall withstand all expected
expansion and vibration for the normal service life of the vehicle.
*  3.18.6 Vacuum pump. The vacuum pump shall be a water or air cooled, multicylinder,
reciprocating piston pump or rotary type pump with positive displacement lubricating oil pump,
capable of the performance required in 3.18.4 for both partial vacuum and compressed air output,
and shall be furnished complete with all necessary accessories. The pump shall be rated for
continuous duty. Vacuum pump mounting shall be such as to prevent undue vibration. Ground
clearance for the vacuum pump shall be not less than 14 inches. A four-way valve, or four
valves, shall be provided on vacuum pump manifold in order to permit the tank supply line to be
switched between the partial vacuum and the compressed air outlets of the vacuum pump.
Complete manual control of the four-way valve, or the four valves, shall be furnished at the
valve or valves, and, through mechanical linkage to the side, shall be operable by an operator
from ground level. Valve(s) shall be operated from a control lever capable of remaining in any
position setting unaffected by vibration. The pump suction and discharge openings shall be a
minimum of 2.50 inches id. All areas of the vacuum pump which may come into contact
with vapors shall be resistant to the vapors of the liquids specified. The pump shall have a
continuous duty capacity of 150 cfm at 26 inches of mercury vacuum, and a minimum discharge
pressure of 35 psig.
3.18.7 Surge tank. A surge tank of not less than l-gallon capacity shall be furnished in the
vacuum line between the tank and vacuum pump. Means shall be provided to drain and clean the
surge tank.
*  3.18.8 Pump engine. The pump shall be driven by a diesel engine. The engine shall be of
standard commercial design with horsepower, torque and speed necessary to satisfactorily
operate the pump for continuous maximum performance requirements of 3.18.4. The engine
shall be mounted on a structural sub-base with vibration dampening devices. The engine shall be
furnished complete with all accessories necessary for operation, including air cleaner, a complete
12-volt starting system, alternator or generator, battery, a fuel tank of sufficient capacity for eight
hours of normal operation, sediment bowl or fuel filters, an engine mounted instrument panel
with throttle control, start/stop switch, battery charging indicator and an exhaust system
(see 3.18.9). The battery shall be of the maintenance-free type having the maintenance-free
characteristics listed in W-B-131. The engine shall be provided with an ether aid cold start
system, glow plug or grid heater. Provisions shall be made to start the engine without vacuum
pump load. When "V" belts are furnished the rating of "V" belts shall be not less than
150 percent of the power transmitted.
3.18.9 Engine exhaust system. The exhaust system shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier
Safety Regulation 393.83, and, unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), shall be furnished with spark

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