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Page Title: Hoses and hose carriers
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arrester. The spark arrester shall have an 80 percent arresting efficiency when rated in
accordance with SAE J350. Means shall be provided to vent exhaust fumes away from payload
discharge outlet(s) and operating personnel.
* Radio interference suppression. The engine shall be suppressed to limit
electromagnetic radiation in accordance with SAE J551.
* Engine sound level. The engine noise level during operation shall be not more than
84 db(A) when measured in accordance with MIL-STD-1474. The noise level shall be measured
at the operator's station adjacent to the controls with the operator standing on the ground.
3.18.10 Hoses and hose carriers. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), the manufacturer's
standard 3-inch id, noncollapsible suction hose, and 4-inch id discharge hose shall be furnished.
Hoses shall be smooth bore, rated at full vacuum and pressure of not less than 100 psig. Each
hose section shall be fitted with male and female couplings of the cam-lock type, rated for not
less than 100 psig. The hose fittings shall be of stainless steel or plastic, as needed to withstand
the acids specified. A total of eight, 25-foot lengths of suction hose and four, 25-foot lengths of
discharge hose shall be furnished. Troughs, which shall have sufficient drainage, shall be
provided for stowing the hose sections. Hose sections shall be attached to the troughs with hose
clamps. The troughs and hose clamps shall either be fabricated of the same material as necessary
for the hose fittings.
3.18.11 Gage(s). Gage(s), with not less than 4-inch diameter dial(s) to indicate the partial
vacuum attained when loading tank and the air pressure during, the time tank is being unloaded,
shall be furnished.
3.19 Tools. When specified (see 6.2), the semitrailer shall be furnished with tools required
for exchanging a mounted tire assembly with the spare assembly and shall include at least a jack,
handle and wheelnut wrench. The jack shall be of such closed height as to permit its location
under axle, or other satisfactory lift point, at any wheel with the tire flat. The jack, without
blocking, shall be capable of raising any wheel of the loaded vehicle to a height adequate to
permit removal and replacement of wheel and tire assembly.
3.19.1 Tool Stowage. Storage space of sufficient size to accommodate vehicle jack, wheel
nut wrench and hand tools shall be furnished for retaining equipment during vehicle operation.
Storage space for these tools shall be located under the vehicle frame, shall be weatherproof and
shall provide for locking with a padlock.
*  3.20 Servicing and adjustment. Prior to acceptance of the semitrailer by the Government
inspector, the contractor shall service and adjust the semitrailer for operational use, including at
least the following: proper adjustment of electrical and brake systems, inflation of all tires,
servicing of liquid cooled engine cooling systems with a solution of ethylene glycol type

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