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Page Title: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
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MIL-S-62294B(AT) Center of gravity. When specified (see 6.2), the longitudinal center of gravity of the
unloaded semitrailer shall be located and permanently indicated. The longitudinal center of
gravity data shall be furnished on a photoetched or stamped corrosion resistant data plate. The
plate shall be securely attached to the vehicle in a readily visible location. Radio interference suppression. The vehicle shall be suppressed to limit
electromagnetic radiation in accordance with SAE J551. Drain plugs. All drain plugs installed throughout the vehicle for the purpose of
draining lubricants shall be of the permanent magnet type.
3.2 General design.
3.2.1 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The vehicle shall comply with all Federal
Motor Vehicle Safety Standards applicable to the type of semitrailer furnished and in effect on
the date of manufacture.
3.2.2 Dissimilar metals. All dissimilar metals used throughout the vehicle shall be insulated
from one another to prevent galvanic or electrolytic action.
3.2.3 Ratings. Vehicle ratings shall be the manufacturer's published ratings. Component
and vehicular ratings shall not be raised to meet the requirements of this specification. When
published ratings are not available, verification of ratings shall be available to the appropriate
engineering office of the procuring activity.
*  3.2.4 Weights. The net weight of the fully equipped semitrailer shall be the minimum
practicable for the service intended. The gross vehicle weight (GVW) shall consist of the net
weight and the rated payload evenly distributed over the loadspace.
*  3.2.5 Accessibility. The design of the vehicle and optional equipment shall permit access for
routine servicing and shall permit access for replacement and adjustment of component parts and
accessories with minimal disturbance of other components and systems.
*  3.2.6 Prohibited materials. Asbestos materials shall not be used in any form in any part of
the vehicle. No item, part or assembly shall contain radioactive materials in which the specific
activity is greater than 0.002 microcurie per gram or activity per item equals or exceeds
0.01 microcuries.
3.3 Performance. The fully equipped semitrailer shall be capable of transporting cargo, fork
lift trucks, and fork lift trucks with cargo, with a payload weight of 40,000 pounds. The
semitrailer shall have the capability of lowering and raising a rear mounted hydraulic loading
ramp containing a 20,000 pound load, to and from ground position to a level load position, and
of moving the cargo or lift truck to and from the loading ramp to the proper level deck position

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