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Page Title: Service brakes.
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*  3.11.4 Carrier for snare tire assembly. When specified (see 6.2), a carrier for a spare wheel
or rim and tire assembly shall be installed in a readily accessible location on the vehicle.
Threaded fasteners, when used to secure the spare tire in the carrier, shall be constructed of or
plated with corrosion-resistant material. The carrier design shall enable safe removal or
mounting of a spare wheel assembly using only the tools specified in 3.20. The carrier shall
enable the safe removal and installation of the spare tire assembly from and to the vehicle and
carrier without personnel positioning themselves or any part of their body under the spare tire
3.12 Service brakes. The brakes shall be of the full-air, internal expanding type and shall
conform to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations 393.40, 393.42, 393.43 and 393.45 through
393.47. The braking system shall include standard breakaway features, relay emergency valve,
air reservoirs, automatic slack adjusters, piping, hose connections, gladhands, spring loaded dust
covers or dummy gladhands equipped with security chains, and all other components required
for a complete air brake system. The gladhands shall conform to SAE J318. The location of the
gladhands shall comply with SAE J702. The braking system shall be installed in a manner
which provides road clearance for travel over uneven terrain and protection against damage
caused by objects striking the components. No part of the braking system shall extend below the
bottom of the wheel rims. The air reservoirs shall be of sufficient capacity to supply air for the
air brakes and the complete control system of the semitrailer, with an adequate reserve capacity.
*  3.12.1 Parking brakes. The semitrailer shall be equipped with spring or air diaphragm
mechanical lock type parking brakes. The parking brakes shall hold the semitrailer, with rated
payload, on a 10 percent grade despite the depletion of the compressed air supply. With no
additional application, the parking brakes shall hold the semitrailer, with rated payload, on a
10 percent incline with the semitrailer headed first up and then down the incline. The parking
brake shall be automatically applied upon disconnection of the emergency air line and under
emergency conditions. The parking brakes shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Regulation 393.41.
*  3.13 Upper fifth wheel. The upper fifth wheel plate shall completely cover a 36 inch
diameter lower fifth wheel when the lower fifth wheel is coupled to the kingpin of the upper fifth
wheel and turned at all angles with the semitrailer. The upper fifth wheel shall conform to
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 393.70(b).
*  3.13.1 Upper fifth wheel plate. The upper fifth wheel plate shall be not less than 0.375 inch
thick. It shall be reinforced on the upper surface through the use of commercial steel angles,
channels, and ribs and shall include an access hole to permit servicing the brake connections and
coupling sockets.

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