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Page Title: Landing gear range of adjustment.
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*  3.13.2 Pickup plate. A turned up lip pickup plate, compatible with the size and weight of the
semitrailer, shall be provided as an extension of the upper fifth wheel plate. The pickup plate
shall have a turned up lip not less than 2 inches high. The pickup plate shall extend sufficiently
forward to protect the semitrailer from damage when coupling to and uncoupling from a truck
tractor. The pickup plate shall be integral with the upper fifth wheel plate.
*  3.13.3 Kingpin. A 2-inch diameter kingpin conforming to SAE J700 shall be furnished. The
kingpin shall be fabricated of heat treated alloy steel.
*  3.14 Landing gear. The semitrailer shall have two vertical lift, telescopic, nonrotating
landing legs, with two-speed gears and a handcrank on the curbside. The landing legs shall be
equipped with steel wheels or self-leveling skid pads. Supports for the crank extension shaft and
clips for holding the crank when folded shall be provided. The landing gear shall withstand,
without deformation, the combined static and dynamic forces due to the proportion of gross
weight sustained and the forces resulting from impact during coupling and uncoupling
operations. The landing gear assembly shall be mounted to plates that are gusseted to resist
forward and rearward dynamic thrust on the landing legs. When placed in travel position, the
landing gear legs shall remain positively locked. The landing gear shall be protected to prevent
the entrance of foreign matter which would impair its functional or mechanical efficiency. The
maximum cranking effort to raise the fully loaded semitrailer shall be not greater than
100 pounds.
*  3.14.1 Landing gear range of adjustment. The landing gear shall have a range of adjustment
sufficient to vary the height of the upper fifth wheel from 41 inches to not less than 53 inches
from the ground. With the semitrailer coupled to a towing tractor and in level position, the
clearance under the fully retracted landing gear shall exceed the semitrailer ground clearance, but
shall in no case be less than 11 inches.
*  3.15 Lubrication system. All moving parts normally requiring lubrication shall be provided
with accessible pressure grease fittings. Pressure type lubrication fittings shall be readily
accessible for servicing and shall conform to SAE J534. Pressure relief fittings shall be used
where high pressure lubricating-equipment could cause damage to seals.
*  3.16 Lighting. All lights and reflectors shall be protected from operational hazards by
mounting in recessed or otherwise guarded locations. The brake lights shall override the
four-way emergency flasher or the two systems shall be independent of each other. Lights and
reflectors shall not be mounted on vertical surfaces of the rub rails (unless recessed and fully
protected), or on the semitrailer bumper. Turn signal lamps shall conform to SAE J588. All
electrical wiring shall conform to SAE J1292. Clearance and identification lamps shall be
constructed for easy removal and replacement of lamps and lenses without the use of hand tools.

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