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Page Title: Floor construction
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MIL-T-14382W Floor construction. The floor of the patients compartment shall be of either:
(a) sheet metal reinforced with 1/2-inch thick exterior grade plywood; (b) marine grade
plywood not less than 5/8 inch thick; or (c) matched tongue and groove 3/4-inch thick hardwood
or dense southern yellow pine. (See The floor shall be supported by crossmembers and
shall be capable of withstanding a distributed load of 150 pounds per square foot without failure
or permanent set. The junctions of the floor and the body sides and ends shall be sealed. Interior
floor covering is required (see Floor pan. An aluminum floor pan not less than 0.040 inch in thickness shall be
provided. The floor pan shall be over or under the floor crossmembers, at the manufacturer's
option. The floor pan shall be watertight and sealed at all seams and edges. If the floor pan is
installed over the crossmembers, separators with a low thermal conductivity shall be furnished
above the floor pan and shall be secured to the floor crossmembers. The separators shall provide
an insulation cavity not less than one inch in depth which shall be insulated. If the floor pan is
installed under the crossmembers, the cavity between the floor pan and the floor shall be
insulated. Rear step bumper. A full width rear step bumper with a step depth of not less than
10 inches, and with a nonskid surface shall be furnished. The rear bumper step height shall be
approximately midway between the ground and the ambulance floor. The full step of the bumper
shall be located to the rear of the rear door. Ambulance body interior. The inside dimensions of the patients' area shall be not
less than 113 inches in length, 76 inches in width, and 60 inches in height. The interior of the
patients' compartment shall have rounded transitions from vertical to horizontal surfaces and in
corners. The complete interior shall be free of sharp corners, sharp edges and other protrusions
that could result in injury to personnel. Interior partition and door. A partition (front wall) shall be provided, with an
opening for access to and from the attendant's seat in the driver's compartment. The opening
shall be centrally located on the longitudinal centerline and shall be not less than 58 inches in
height and not less than 20 inches in width. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), the opening
shall be provided with a sliding access door. The sliding door shall remain fixed in both the open
and the closed positions during vehicle travel. In the open position, the door shall fully expose
the door frame opening and shall be behind the attendant's seat within the cab. The sliding door
shall have a laminated safety glass window in the upper half of the door, with a clear glass area

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