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Page Title: Interior walls and ceilings
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of not less than 100 square inches. One-piece sliding door tracks shall be provided at the top and
bottom, and shall provide positive alinement of the door. The bottom door track shall be readily
cleanable. End stop with padded faces shall be furnished. Door hangers with double rollers and
a mechanical means to adjust door alinement shall be provided. A sliding door lock of the slam
type, lockable from both sides of the door, shall be provided. A handle on the driver's
compartment side of the door shall be provided. A folding, recessed hand grip shall be provided
on the patient compartment side. A striker plate shall be furnished, flush with the door frame. Interior walls and ceilings. All interior surfaces of the ambulance body walls,
partition, ceilings and doors shall be paneled with embossed aluminum sheet alloy
3003-H134 diamond M201, or 3003-H254 diamond E-13, and shall be not less than 0.040 inch in
thickness (NOTE: this is an embossed, acoustical type of material). The interior panels shall be
secured to body structural members. Low thermal conductivity spacers shall be installed
between the wall and the ceiling structural members and the interior panels. Each side paneling
section shall be of one piece lengthwise for the full length of the body or shall be of one piece the
full height vertically from floor to ceiling, at the manufacturer's option. If full length panel
sections are used, an upper wall panel shall be secured prior to the installation of a lower panel
with the lower panels overlapping the panel above not less than 1 inch. The ends of the wall
panels shall have a one-inch lap at the partition and at the rear wall panel and, if full height
panels are used, at all vertical seams. Panels shall extend behind the stowage compartments, to
the floor. The panels shall be installed free of wrinkles. Panel joints shall not be exposed.
Aluminum mouldings shall be provided and secured so as not to display any crevices. Tapping
plates shall be provided as required for litter and oxygen tank support and shall be marked as to
location and structural integrity. The interior walls, ceiling, rear doors, and stowage cabinets
(other than the cabinet doors and drain holes) shall be watertight. Interior floor covering. Interior floor covering shall consist of linoleum, vinyl, rubber
or synthetic rubber blend material, not less than 1/8 inch thick. The floor covering shall be
installed so that no moisture can seep underneath. The covering shall be applied to all floor areas
not covered by the driver's compartment floor mat and also shall extend under the driver's
compartment floor mat not less than 2 inches. Linoleum provided shall have a burlap backing.
The color of the floor covering shall coordinate with the interior of the patients' compartment and
the interior of the driver's compartment. The floor covering shall be bordered on all edges with
aluminum or stainless steel moldings, properly sealed. Abrasive type anti-skid strips, not less
than 2 inches wide, shall be installed diagonally on not more than 6-inch centers.

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