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Page Title: Portable suction aspirator
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MIL-T-14382W Portable suction aspirator. When specified (see 6.2), a portable, rechargeable,
battery powered, suction aspirator with 12-volt dc vehicle receptacle shall be furnished in lieu of
the vacuum outlet and installation specified in and The aspirator shall be
Laerdal catalog number 790013 or equivalent. The aspirator battery supply shall be capable of
recharging from the vehicle's 12-volt electrical system and from 115-volt ac shore power. The
portable suction aspirator shall provide an air flow of at least 20 liters per minute and shall cause
a vacuum of at least 300 millimeters to be reached within 4 seconds after the tube is clamped.
The aspirator, while operating solely from its integral battery supply, shall meet these air flow
requirements for at least twenty minutes of continuous operation. The suction tubing shall be
translucent and shall not kink or collapse under high suction. The inside diameter of the tubing
shall be at least 1/4-inch. The 115-volt ac charging system furnished need not be integral with
the portable suction unit. The unit shall be provided with applicable power cords and plugs in
accordance with MS3116F1-23P. The polarity of the dc plug shall be as follows: pin A,
+12 volts; pin B, ground; pin C, not used. The aspirator and electrical receptacle shall be
installed at the front of the patients' compartment, toward the streetside of the vehicle. The
electrical receptacle shall be MS3l12E12-3S and shall be wired to the vehicle's 12-volt dc
electrical system. Aspirator accessories. Additionally, the portable aspirator shall be complete with all
accessories furnished as standard equipment by the manufacturer. The following minimum
equipment shall be furnished:
One suction rinsing water bottle.
One nonmetallic pharyngeal suction tip.
Spare suction tip and catheters
One Y-connector.
3.5.4 Ventilating and air conditioning system. Ventilators for patients' compartment. One filtered power blower intake ventilator
and one power blower exhaust ventilator shall be furnished in the roof of the patients'
compartment. The ventilators shall have a streamlined design and shall be rainproof. Each
blower motor shall be capable of moving not less than 220 cubic feet of air per minute, shall have
one or more speeds and shall be controlled by separate switches mounted in a location easily
accessible to the seated driver and assistant driver. The vent openings shall be provided with
captive weatherproof covers with means for opening and closing from the inside. Power
ventilator openings inside the vehicle shall be furnished with safety grilles and screens.

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