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Page Title: Vacuum installation
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MIL-T-14382W Vacuum outlet. Unless otherwise specified (see, a single plug-in, vacuum
outlet with self-sealing valve connection shall be installed at the front of the patients'
compartment toward the left side of the vehicle. The plug-in unit shall prevent the entry of dust
without the use of a dust cap or cover and shall allow the attachment and release of secondary
equipment with one hand. A mating male outlet fitting shall be furnished for later connection to
a medical hose by means of a barbed hose end. When specified (see 6.2), a single Diameter
Index Safety System (DISS) vacuum outlet NCG part No. 263764-64 or equal with mating outlet
shall be provided in lieu of the plug-in type. Vacuum installation. A suction line shall be connected between a vacuum source
and the vacuum outlet. The installed suction shall be powerful enough to provide an air flow of
at least 30 liters per minute (1.06 cubic feet per minute) at the end of the delivery tube and shall
cause a vacuum of at least 300 millimeters (11.81 inches of mercury) to be reached within
4 seconds after the suction line delivery tube is clamped. The suction line shall use the vacuum
of a 12-volt dc pump or, at the manufacturer's option, shall use the vacuum of the engine when a
gasoline engine driven vehicle is furnished. When the vacuum system of the gasoline engine
driven vehicle is used, it shall be isolated from the brake system to prevent loss of braking power;
a cylindrical stainless steel reservoir having a volume of not less than 300 cubic inches shall be
provided in the suction line to reduce loss of vacuum during vehicle acceleration; and a check
valve, TRlCO part number 85590-42 or equal, shall be installed in the suction line between the
reservoir and the vacuum source. All suction lines shall be adequately supported to prevent
chafing from movement and vibration. Whenever the line passes through bulkheads, grommets
and fastening devices shall be employed to prevent chafing. Vacuum aspirator. When specified (see 6.2), the following minimum vacuum
aspirator equipment shall be furnished:
One suction rinsing bottle
One nonmetallic pharyngeal suction tip
Spare suction tip and catheters
One Y-connection
A ten-foot length of transparent, nonshrinking suction tubing with not less than 1/4 inch
inside diameter and fittings compatible with the vacuum outlet.

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