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Page Title: Ventilation, air conditioning and heating system
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4.3.1 Vehicle weight. The first production vehicle shall be weighed to determine the curb
weight and distribution of the curb weight on front and rear axles. The total imposed loading on
front and rear axles shall be computed by the contractor and verified by the Government using
the curb weight, the operator and assistant driver weight at 175 pounds each and the minimum
payload required to provide the specified GVW (see 3.2.5). The calculated imposed loads on the
front and rear axles shall be compared to the suspension, axle, and tire load capacity ratings to
determine if these components are of adequate capacity to meet contractual requirements.
4.3.2 Road test. The first production vehicle will be examined and road tested by the
contractor, with driver, assistant driver and payload (see 3.2.5). The payload shall be not less
than 1,600 pounds. Payload shall consist of four weights of not less than 240 pounds each,
placed in each of the four litter rack travel positions plus an evenly distributed load to provide the
remainder of the 1,600 pound payload. The road test shall be for a distance of not less than
100 miles. Approximately 60 percent of this mileage shall be on paved streets or highways at
speeds of up to at least 55 mph; 30 percent on gravel or dirt roads at speeds of up to at least
35 mph; and not less than 10 percent in simulated or actual cross-country operation at speeds
applicable to the terrain. Cross-country operation is defined as travel over open fields, rolling
and side sloping hills, and rough and muddy terrain.
4.3.3 Ventilation, air conditioning and heating system. The ventilating, air conditioning and
heating system shall be operated to determine that the controls and system are functioning. The
contractor shall certify that the supplied systems meet the requirements in,,
and, when applicable, Certification shall be based on test data or calculations showing
that the system offered will meet the specified requirements.
4.3.4 Army litter loading. The contractor shall make available four standard Army litter and
one Navy Stockes type litter (see and four individual 240-pound weights suitable for
placing on the litters. All possible combinations of loading and unloading, raising and lowering
of the litter racks, both with and without fully loaded Army and Navy litters, shall be
demonstrated successfully.
4.3.5 Water spray test. After the road test, the vehicle body shall be subjected to a water
spray test for approximately 15 minutes. The spray shall be delivered by nozzles operating at not
less than 25 pounds per square inch (psi) water pressure, sufficient in number and so placed
(approximately 3 feet from the body) to afford full coverage of sides, roof, front, rear and
undercarriage of vehicle. Evidence of water leakage shall be cause for rejection until leaks are

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