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Page Title: Lifting and lowering mechanism
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rate of 1/8 inch (3 mm) per hour when tested as specified in
Provision shall be made to control lowering speed to prevent jarring.
Component mechanisms used in raising and lowering shall be protected from
damage. The hydraulic reservoir shall be provided with an accessible filler
plug for filling and checking the fluid level, and shall have sufficient
capacity to fill the hydraulic system plus 30 percent reserve fluid. Piston rods.  Piston rods, including the ram, for the hydraulic system
shall be plated with an electrodeposited "hard chrome finish of uniform
thickness not less than 0.0005 inch (.0127 mm) in accordance with 3.9.2, or be
of stainless Steel. Surfaces shall be thoroughly cleaned prior to any plating.
Piston rods shall display no evidence of corrosion when the truck is tested in
accordance with and Lifting and lowering mechanism.  The lifting mechanism shall be
controlled and operated by either the handle of the truck, a lever separate and
independent of the handle, or by a foot pedal. Lowering shall be accomplished
by means of a pressure-release device that is independent of the lifting
mechanism. The mechanism shall be located in a position so that the operator
is not endangered when lowering the load, with steer "handle positioned 60
degrees up from horizontal and through a steering arc of 45 degrees on either
side of longitudinal axes through the centerline of the truck. All
hand-release devices shall withstand a force of 100 pounds (45 kg) and all foot
pedal devices shall withstand 250 pounds (113 kg) without damage or
3.5.7 Deadman Brake.  Truck shall have an adjustable braking system for the
steer wheels designed on the deadman principle so that the brake must be
manually held off by the truck operator to move the truck with leaded or empty
forks. The brake shall be spring applied when the brake handle is released.
The deadman braking system shall provide positive braking action as required by
3.5.8 Lift Points.  Four lifting points (eyes) shall be provided and
accomodate a hook of 1-5/8 inches (41 mm) inside diameter and 1-5/8 inches
(41mm) throat. AU lift positions shall be located within the general outline
of the truck.
3.6 Performance.
Lifting operation. The lift mechanism shall be capable of raising and
lowering a pallet conforming to MIL-P-15011, carrying the-rated capacity-of the
truck. The number of strokes, and the force required to lift the rated load to
a position where the top surfaces of the forks are 4 (102 mm) inches minimum
above their fully lowered position shall not exceed the values in table II when
the truck is tested in accordance with

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