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the driver's entrance of the cab.  A three-wire  connecting cable, 25 feet long,
and of adequate capacity to supply power to the heater, shall be furnished. The
connecting cable shall include a matching female connector at the vehicle end
and a standard three pronged male connector at the other end.  Electrical
apparatus shall conform to DoT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Section
393.77.  The electrical insulation of the connecting cable shall withstand
normal operating stresses in low ambient temperatures (down to -50F) without
cracking or loss of dielectric capacity.  All heater lead wires shall be
installed without interfering with vehicle component operation and without loose
excess wire.  Provisions for stowage of the cable shall be provided in the
vehicle cab.  The heater furnished shall be as follows:
The coolant heater shall be installed in the engine block or lower
coolant hose.  The coolant heater shall be a 2250 watt (W), 19.5
ampere (A), 115V, 60 Hz, ac, heater.
3.8.3 Fuel Sys tem.  The fuel system shall conform to DoT Federal Motor
Carrier Safety Regulations, Sections 393.65, 393.67, and as specified herein. Air cleaner.  Manufacturer's dry type air cleaner shall be
The air cleaner shall be accessible and easily removed for
replacement. Fuel filter.  The fuel system shall be provided with not less than
two fuel filters; a primary and secondary design.
el tank.  The fuel tank shall not be less than 65-gallon capacity.
The tank and fill piping shall be placed so as to be protected from mechanical
injury.  The fuel tank shall not project below the rear axle and shall have a
drain plug.  The fuel tank filler shall be located for ease in filling, shall
not extend outside the body skin, shall have a drain to the ground for any
spillage and shall be provided with a spring loaded, polished stainless steel
access door, flush with the outer body skin and identified accordingly.
3.8.4  Exhaust svstem.  The exhaust system shall comform to DoT Federal Motor
Carrier Safety Regulations, Section 393.83.  Where necessary, the exhaust pipe
shall be insulated and shielded.  The muffler and tailpipe shall be aluminized
steel.  The exhaust system discharge shall be directed away from the fire pump
operator's control panel and any body panel, and the muffler shall not project
below the truck axles.
3.8.5 Frame.  The chassis franc shall provide a rigid platform and shall be
of bolted construction.  The chassis frame side rail(s) shall be one continuous
piece with no notching allowed.  The chassis frame material shall be of high
strength, 110,000 psi, heat-treated alloy steel of sufficient width, depth, and
thickness that will provide the required resistance bending moment to support
the intended load,  When operating the fully equipped and loaded fire truck
under conditions specified herein, the frame shall show no evidence of permanent
deformation or distortion.
3.8.6 Electrical equipment .  The fire truck shall be provided with a
complete starting and lighting system.  Electrical equipment, including all
truck lights and wiring, shall conform to DoT Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Regulations, Sections 393-12, 393.19, 393.20, 393.22, 393,24, 393.25, 393.27

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