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Page Title: Auxiliary Generator
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through 393.31 and 393.33, except as specified herein.  Reflectors shall conform
to DoT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Section 393.26.  Wiring shall
be weatherproof, resistant to moisture and fungus, and color coded or numbered
for ready identification.  Wire identification shall be consistent throughout
the truck.  Two spare, single pole, 15A breakers shall be furnished for future
radio use.  The fire truck chassis electrical circuits and the fire truck body
electrical circuits shall be separate circuits,  The truck body electrical
circuits, excluding truck chassis electrical circuits, shall be provided with
circuit breaker type overload protection.  A master electric module shall be
provided.  The module shall be located in the instrument panel in the cab. An
access door to the master electrical module shall be located in the face of the
instrument panel.  The master electrical module shall consist of all necessary
solenoids, relays , terminal blocks and circuit breakers.  All wiring shall be
automatic circuit breaker protected, that is numbered or color coded. The
inside of the master electrical compartment door shall have both a wiring layout
printed on a metal plate and a complete index of all wiring.  All electrical
equipment shall comply with NFPA-1901. Starting sy stem.  The manufacturer's standard starting system shall
be provided, complete with a keyless switch and pilot light. Alternator.  An alternator shall be furnished complete with a
rectifier and regulator.  The alternator shall be rated for not less than 160A.  A u iliary generator,  A 6000 watt (6KW) auxiliary generator shall be
installed in the left rear compartment.  The generator shall provide single
phase 120/240V, 26/13A, 60 cycle power.  The following output receptacles shall
be provided: Four 120V (2 located on the pump panel and 2 located at the rear
tailboard area), one 120V twist lock, and one 240V twist lock.  The generator
shall be powered by a diesel engine, equipped with a fuel pump and filter, an
air cleaner, shutoff valve, and a low-tone muffler.  The engine shall be air
cooled and equipped with an automatic shut-down system for high temperature and
low oil pressure conditions.  The engine shall be fueled from the truck's main
fuel system and shall have an electric starting system energized from the main
battery circuit.  The generator start and stop switches shall be located in the
cab , at the pump panel and at the generator.  Circuitry shall be provided for
the telescoping lights at the pump compartment (see para. k). The
auxiliary generator system shall comply with the NFPA-1901, and all 120/240 volt
components , equipment and installation procedures shall comply with the NFPA-70,
National Electrical Code.  Battery syst em.  A dual 12V battery system shall be furnished.  Each
battery in the system shall be 12V, maintenance free, with characteristics
listed in W-B-131.  Each battery shall be rated in terms of cold cranking power
capacity at OF in accordance with SAE J537.  The batteries shall be installed
in "banks" and each bank shall have not less than the engine manufacturer's
recommendation of cold cranking ampere rating required at OF for the engine
furnished.  The battery compartment shall be provided as close as possible to
the engine in order to reduce battery cable length for connection.  Access shall
be provided for ease in service and removal.  The battery cables shall be
protected by use of grommets where the cables pass through metal bulkheads and
shall be covered by a protection boot where the cables are attached under
vehicle frame to the electrical switches or connectors.  The battery
compartments shall be ventilated and treated against acid fumes and spillage.

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