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Page Title: Warning Light
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lights .  The lamps shall have a minimum output rating of 20
The lights shall have a combined minimum flash rate of
80 flashes per minute.
Two red flashing lights shall be mounted on the front of the truck
above the headlights on a horizontal plane through the centerline of
the turn signals.  The lights shall be sealed beam lamps, 6 inch
diameter, and shall have a combined minimum flash rate of 80 flashes
per minute.
A minimum of four (4) halogen headlamps shall be provided and shall
conform to DoT Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations, Section
Red flashing lights (intersection lights) shall be mounted at the two
forward comers of the cab and controlled by a switch in the cab.
Two telescoping, 120 volt, 500 watt quartz lights shall be mounted in
the area of the pump compartment, powered by the auxiliary generator
and controlled by switches in the cab and at the pump panel (see
para. Warning light.  One 12V cross fire oscillating light bar shall be
provided and mounted, with reinforcement at the point of attachment, on the
truck cab roof centerline in a position affording 360 visibility.  A single
control shall be provided for the roof mounted warning light and those warning
lights described in g. and h.  The control shall be suitably identified.
The control shall be provided with a red or green pilot light indicating the
"ON" position.  The pilot light shall be located in the cab on the instrument
panel. Horn.  Dual electric horns, controlled by button in steering wheel,
shall be furnished.  Also , two chrome plated air horns of the studder tone type
shall be provided and installed below the front surface of the cab and recessed
through the front bumper, one horn on each side of the bumper.  The air horns
shall be controlled from one floor mounted, foot operated control device located
on the fire officer's side of the cab and a lanyard (pull type) control from the
inside center of the cab. siren.  An electronic siren with an output of not less than 150
watts shall be provided and activated by either firefighter seated in the front
seat of the cab.  The siren shall include two speakers, each with an output
(watts) rating at least equal to the minimum output of the siren. The speakers
shall be recessed in the front bumper.
3.8.7  Bac kUP warning device.  The fire truck shall be provided with an
automatically activated, audible, pulsating, signaling warning device,
mechanical or electrical, to caution personnel when fire truck is in reverse
gear operation.  The backup alarm signal shall be audible at a distance of 15
feet with self-adjusting volume that will maintain a minimum decibel output of 5
decibels above environmental noise.
3.8.8  Automatic transmission .  The vehicle shall be provided with an
automatic transmission of the fixed. ratio type and shall provide continuous
drive .  The transmission shall include a hydraulic torque converter and not less
than four forward gear ratios.  Normal driving range selector position shall
provide not less than four gear ratios without movement of the selector. The
maximum net input torque capacity of the transmission shall be higher than the

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