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Page Title: Torque converter temperature gage
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maximum net torque delivered by the engine.  The transmission shall have a
torque converter lockup feature in the two highest forward speeds.  A means
shall be provided to hold the truck transmission in the gear ratio used for
pumping Operations whenever the pump transmission is in the pump position (see
3.10).  Any modification to the transmission shall be made or approved by the
transmission manufacturer. Torque converter temperature gage  A transmission torque converter
oil temperature gage shall be furnished.  The gage shall be installed on the
pump operator's control panel and inside the cab (see 3.11.3), complete with a
flashing red light and an audible warning device.  The warning light and audible
device shall be activated when the converter oil temperature exceeds the
transmission manufacturer's recommended safe operating temperatures.  The gage
and warning light shall be suitably identified.
3.8.9 Drive li ne
components.  Drive line components shall have a continuous
duty torque capacity
of not less than the maximum torque delivered by the
engine, as developed
through the maximum gear train reduction.  The drive line
shall be dynamically
balanced at a minimum of 500 rpm.
3.8.10 Axles.  Axle ratings shall be at least equal to the load imposed on
each axle, with the truck loaded to rated gvw.  A single speed rear axle shall
be furnished.  The front axle hubs shall have an oil level view window.
3.8.11 Suspensi on.  The truck's suspension system shall be equipped with
components having a rated capacity at least equal to the load imposed on each
member, measured at the ground, with the truck loaded to rated gvw.  When
suspension capacity is rated at the spring pads, unsprung weight shall be
Double action, heavy-duty shock absorbers shall be provided at front
wheels .
3.8.12 Wheels. rims. tire s and tubes.  The truck shall have single front and
dual rear wheels.  Rim and tire ratings shall conform to TRA/ETRO
recommendations .  Tires shall be steel belted radial tube or tubeless type with
highway tread.  All tires shall be of the same size and ply rating (load range).
The rated individual tire capacity at 60 mph highway conditions shall be not
less than maximum wheel loading imposed with the truck loaded to rated gvw, as
cited in 3.8.1.  Wheel and tire assemblies shall be dynamically balanced at
simulated speeds up to 60 mph, each assembly shall be balanced individually.  Inn e r t ubes .  For tube tires, inner tubes shall be of heavy-duty
type, and shall be of proper size for the tires furnished.  Tire flaps shall be
provided for tube type tires in accordance with TRA/ETRO recommendations. spare wheel.  When specified (see 6.2), a spare wheel or rim
without spare tire shall be furnished and stowed in the hose bed for shipment.
3.8.13 Brakes  Brakes shall conform to DoT Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Regulations, Sections 393.40 through 393.42, 393.43, 393.45 through 393.52 and
as specified herein.
service ake s.  The service brakes shall be four wheel disk,
automatic adjusting, air application type.  Air filters shall prevent brake
system contamination.  Brake operation shall not be subject to excessive fading.

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