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Page Title: Parallelism of reticle and image
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MIL-T-46311B(MU) Open sight.-  With the telescope positioned as in 3.6, the
line of sight of the open sight shall be parallel in azimuth and elevation
to the line of sight through the telescope optics within 10 mils.
3.7.2 Image tilt.-  The image of a vertical target line shall be
vertical within one degree of arc throughout two (2) revolutions of the
3.7.3 Image wander.-  The wander of the reticle image measured at the
eyepiece shall not exceed two degrees in diameter for two (2) complete
revolutions of the head assembly, In addition, all reticle graduations
shall be visible throughout the revolutions of the head. This requirement
shall also be met with the elbow assembly positioned against each of the
swing stops.
3.7.4 Parallelism of reticle and image.-  The vertical reticle line
shall be parallel to the image of a vertical target line within 30 minutes
of arc at the position established in paragraph
3.7.5 Eyepiece focus.-  The best eyepiece focus of the reticle image
shall be fixed between the limits of -0.75 and -1.00 diopters. The variation
in eyepiece focus between the horizontal and vertical reticle line at the
center of the reticle image shall not exceed 1/4 diopter.
3.7.6 Parallax.-  Parallax at the center of the field shall not exceed
0.15 mil when viewing a target at 130 meters 10 meters.
3.7.7 Resolution.-  Resolution on the optical axis shall be 15 seconds
of arc or less when using an observation telescope of at least 3 power and
at least 0.4 inch entrance pupil. resolution consists of detactable line
structure and proper line count in all four meridians. Total spread in
focus shift between meridians shall not exceed 1/4 diopter measured at the
instrument eyepiece.
3.7.8 Reticle.-  The angular separation between the two 40 mil gradua-
tions on the horizontal axis shall be 80 mils plus or minus 0.5 mil.
3.8 Performance.
3.8.1 Elevation mechanism. Excursion range.- Rotation of the elevation knob shall cause
the line of sight to elevate and depress a minimum of 300 mils from the
"position specified in Plumb travel.-  Starting with the line of sight in coincidence
with a vertical target line at zero elevation,the line of sight shall track
the target line within 0.5 mil (total spread of 1.0 mil) when elevated 300
mils, depressed to 300 mils depression, then elevated to zero elevation.

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