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Page Title: Azimuth mechanism
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Backlash in the elevation mechanism shall not Backlash.-
exceed 5.0 mils.
3.8.2 Azimuth mechanism. 800 Mil steps.-  Error at deflection readings in 800 mil
steps throughout two full revolution of the head in one direction shall
not exceed 1.0 mil including backlash. The total spread between the
greatest positive error and the greatest negative error shall not exceed
1.0 mil. The total error, excluding backlash, between the 6400 mil
azimuth counter reading and the reset counter for any one number shall
not exceed 0.25 mil. 15 Mil steps.-  Rotating the gunner's aid knob to indicate
15 mils, followed by rotation of the azimuth knob in the opposite direction,
with backlash removed, to deflect the line of sight 15 mils, shall cause
the reset counter to return to within 0.25 mil of the original setting.
This requirement shall be met with the 15 mil value set into each gunner's
aid counter at azimuth positions 3200, 4800, zero, and 1600 mils as read
on the azimuth counter. Backlash.-  Backlash in the azimuth mechanism shall not
exceed 0.5 mil when read on the azimuth counter, or 0.75 mil when read on
the reset counter. Level travel.-  Starting with the line of sight in coincidence
with a horizontal target, the line of sight shall track the target within
1.0 mil (total spread of 2 mils) when the head is rotated through two full
revolutions in azimuth. Lift.-  Vertical displacement of the line of sight due to
reversing rotation by means of the azimuth knob shall not exceed 0.5 mil. Five mil click lead mechanism.- With the lead knob set for
"Direct" fire, a detent action shall be felt and heard when the azimuth
knob is rotated to introduce increments of 5.0 mils 0.5 mil into the
6400 mil azimuth counter. This requirement shall be met at standard and
extreme operating temperatures.
3.8.3 Counter mechanisms. Rapid traverse.-  The reset counter shall follow the azimuth
counter within 0.25 mil when the azimuth knob is rotated at 150 rpm for one
minute. The gunner's aid counters shall remain at zero. Reset counter.-  The reset counter shall be resettable to 3200
mils 0.25 mil from any counter reading. Gunner's aid counters. Excursion range.-  The gunner's aid counters designated by
"L" and "R" shall each have a minimum excursion Of 50 milS. Settings.-  Setting 50 mils on the "L" counter shall decrease
the reset counter reading by 50 mils 0.5 mil. Setting 50 mils on the "R"
counter shall increase the reset counter reading by 50 mils 0.5 mil.

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