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Page Title: Gunner's aid counters
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4.6.23 Gunner's aid counters. Excursion range.- The gunner's aid counter shall be manually
rotated to check a minimum of 50 mils excursion, as indicated in the right
and left counter windows, to determine compliance with
4.6.23,2 Settings.- Rotate the gunner's aid counter knob in the direc-
tion that will introduce a value on the "L" counter of from 1 mil to 50
mils from the zero setting. This will decrease the reset counter reading
by the same value selected on the gunner's aid counter O.5 mil. Rotation
in the opposite direction from zero to 1 mil through 50 mils will increase
the reset counter reading by the value selected O.5 mil. Any directional
change in the azimuth counter when the various values are put into the
gunner's aid counter shall be within the limits specified in
4.6.24 Operability.- The following components shall be operable at the
extreme operating temperatures of 3.3.2 to conform to requirements of 3.9.
The boresight adjustment shaft shall be manually operable with the aid of
a screw driver. The azimuth door (counter cover) shall snap open when the
latch lever is pushed back. The latch shall snap to secure the door when
it is manually closed. Torque.- The running torque required to rotate the knobs
specified in 3.9.1, at standard ambient and extreme operating temperatures,
shall be determined with a standard torque measuring device. The torque
device shall be equipped with an adapter to fit the respective knob being
tested. The measured torque values shall be within the limits specified in
4.6.25 Direct force. Elbow assembly.- A standard force measuring device shall be
used for this test.The force required to rotate the elbow assembly in both
directions shall not exceed the values specified in when applied as
directed. Reset counter knob.- The direct force necessary to push in
the knob to engage the reset counter shall be measured by means of standard
measuring equipment that will measure applied force. The force applied
shall not exceed the values specified for standard ambient temperature and
extreme operating temperatures, to determine compliance with
4.6.26 Illumination.- The counter illumination lamp shall be energized
through the contact with 28 volts dc 4 volts. The voltage shall be controlled
through a voltmeter by means of a variac or potentiometer. With the light
source energized and the telescope in a darkened area, the numerals and gradua-
tions on all counters shall be clearly visible, as required by 3.10.1. Reticle.- A light source of 28 volts dc, 0.04 amperes, shall
be positioned in the light port of the elbow assembly by means of an adapter
(Figure 1). With the source energized and the telescope in a darkened area,

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