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Page Title: Reticle accuracy
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a similar line or mark on the projector collimator reticle. There shall
be no apparent movement beyond the limits of 3.7.5 between the selected
lines or mark when the observer moves his head from side to side or up
and down. Reticle displacement shall not exceed the limits outlined in
3.7.5. Use the thickness of the reticle line to measure apparent movement. Reticle accuracy .- Reticle accuracy may be assured by
aligning the intersecting point of the panoramic telescope's vertical and
horizontal reticle line to the corresponding intersecting reticle lines of
the projector collimator. Adjustments may be made by means of the panoramic
telescope's azimuth and elevating mechanisms. When coincedence has been
established, obsene where the 80 mil graduations of the panoramic telescope's
horizontal reticle line falls with respect to the corresponding reticle line
of the projector collimator. They must coincide within the limits of the
reticle tolerance mark to assure compliance with 3.7.7.
4.7.2,2 Counter operation. Gunner aid counters.- This test may be accomplished with
the panoramic telescope positioned as outlined in 4.7.1 with the line of
sight falling upon the projector collimator's reticle as outlined in Observe and record the azimuth test fixture reading. Set any
correction reading into either the "L" or "R" counter. Any reading induced
into the right "R" gunner's aid counter shall increase the reset counter
an equal amount (O.5) and any reading induced into the left "L" gunner's
aid counter shall decrease the reset counter an equal amount (0.5) to
assure compliance with When 50 mils has been inserted into either
gunner's aid counter, the reset counter shall reflect an increase or decrease
of 50 mils within the limit outlined in and the correction counter
shall have traveled the minimum excursion outlined in and the
6400 mil counter shall remain unchanged (see The test for
accuracy shall be performed by inserting a correction into either the "L"
or "R" gunner's aid counter and observing the appropriate change in the
reset counter. Turn the azimuth fixture plate to traverse the line of
sight in a clockwise direction an equal amount when a correction is placed
into the "L" counter. By means of the azimuth knob of the panaramic tele-
scope traverse the line of sight in the opposite direction until the reset
counter records 3200 mils. Now sighting through the panoramic telescope
observe coincidence between the panoramic telescope's optical axis and the
point on the projector collimator's reticle established in
Repeat this procedure at two additional correction readings and at the
50 mil correction setting of each gunner's aid counter. Azimuth error, backlash and deflection error.- With the
panoramic telescope positioned as outlined in, sight through the
panoramic telescope and by means of the azimuth and elevation knobs coincide
the telescope's line of sight (intersecting point of the horizontal and
vertical center reticle lines) to the geometric axis of the collimator pro-

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