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Page Title: Five mil click mechanism
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jector intersecting point of the horizontal and vertical center reticle
lines). Observe that the azimuth and reset counters read 3200 mils and both
gunners aid counters read O mils. Set the azimuth fixture off 800 mils
in one direction and offset the panoramic telescope's line of sight in the
opposite direction until coincidence previously mentioned has been obtained.
Do not override this point of coincidence. Record the reset and counter
readings. Continue rotating the azimuth knob (panoramic telescope) beyond
this point of coincidence one revolution and return to the previous point
of coincidence.  Observe reset and azimuth counter readings. The azimuth
counter and the fixture reading must coincide within the limits of
The difference between this reading and the azimuth counter reading
previously recorded must not exceed the limits of The difference
between this reset counter reading and the previously recorded reset counter
reading must not exceed the limits of  Repeat this procedure at the
azimuth setting specified in and also from the opposite direction.
Insert 15 mils deflection into the azimuth fixture and insert 15 mils correc-
tion into the Appropriate correction counter. The reset counter shall
reflect this 15 mil correction.  By means of the azimuth knob (panoramic
telescope) return the line of sight to the previously recorded point of
coincidence and observe the reset counter reading. This reading must coincide
with the fixture setting within the limits of Repeat this procedure
at the azimuth settings specified in and also using the other
correction counter. Level travel.- This test may be performed in conjunction
with the azimuth test outlined in The test is performed by
sighting through the panoramic telescope after a selected azimuth setting
has been inserted into the fixture and panoramic telescope, observe coincidence
between the telescope horizontal reticle line and the horizontal target line
near the optical axis. They must coincide with the limits outlined in Lift.- This test may be performed in conjunction with the
backlash test outlined in The test is perfrmed after returning
the line of sight to the point of coincidence by observing where the
horizontal reticle line of the panoramic telescope falls with respect to
the previously established position ( They must coincide within"
the limits of Five mil click mechanism.- This test may be performed by
using visual and tactile inspection techniques. The result of this
inspection shall conform to the requirement outlined in when
performed at the temperature specified. Rapid traverse (reset counter).- This test is made by
assembling a testing mechanism capable of providing an RPM output specified
in to the azimuth knob of the panoramic telescope by means of an
appropriate adapter. While being driven at the RPM for the time specified,
the reset counter shall follow the azimuth counter as required in
At the end of the speed test, the reset counter shall reset to 32 mils as
specified in

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