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Page Title: Fabrication
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shall show no more than two particles of
and general specifications forming a part of
this specification.
dirt. The area of each particle shall not be
in excess of an area equivalent to a size two
3.3 Fabrication. The telescope shall be
dig. There shall be no other dirt within the
manufactured in accordance with the draw-
telescope which shall adversely affect obser-
ings applicable to the type telescope specified
vation and image quality.
in the contract or order and drawings per-
3.7 Sealing. The telescope shall show no
taining thereto. The requirements of this
evidence of leakage when subjected to an
specification are detailed only to the extent
external pressure of dry nitrogen at five
considered necessary to obtain the desired
optical and mechanical characteristics, per-
pounds per square inch gage pressure
formance and permanence to insure inherent
(PSIG) for a period of at least five minutes,
quality and performance capabilities.
Dewpoint of nitrogen shall be at least as
low as minus 25 Fahrenheit.
3.4 General specifications. The contractor
shall be responsible for adherence to and
3.8 Accuracy.
compliance with the following requirements
3.8.1 Collimation. The line of sight through
of Specifications MIL-0-13830 and MIL
the center of the boresight cross shall be 20
mils plus or minus 0.5 mil above the ge-
ometric axis and shall coincide within 0.1
3.4.1 MIL-0-13830.
mil of a plumb line passing through the
(a) Cleanliness
(b) Illuminated reticle
geometric axis of the telescope.
3.8.2 Parallism of image and reticle.
3.4.2 MIL-F-13926.
With a line of sight parallel to a horizontal
(a) Order of precedence
(b) Protective finished surfaces
plane formed by the 90 degree geometric
axis of the telescope body, the plane through
(c) Special accuracy
the center lines of the keyways vertical, and
(d) Finish, painting and protective
the cross level vial centered, the horizontal
(e) Workmanship
reticle line shall not deviate from the image
3.5 Environmental.
of the horizontal target reference line by
more than the anglc subtended by 0.4 mil at
3.5.1 Storage tcmpcratures. The telescope
shall show no evidence of physical failure
one extremity of the horizontal reticle line,
and shall meet all requirement of this spec-
when the other extremity of the line is in
ification at standard ambient temperature
coincidence with the reference line.
(pros 60" to 90 Fahrenheit) after having
3.8.3 Eyepiece focus. The eyepiece focus
been exposed and thermally stabilized at
shall be fixed between the limits of minus
ambient temperatures of plus 160 and
0.75 and minus 1.0 diopter.
minus 80 Fahrenheit.
3.8.4 Resolution. The resolution on the opti-
3.5.2 Vibration. The telescope shall be vi-
cal axis shall be fifteen seconds of arc or
brated in a vertical plane at a constant fre-
quency of 30 cycles per second with an
3.8.5 Parallax. Parallax at the geometric
amplitude of 1/10 inch (1/8 inch maximum ex-
axis shall not exceed 0.10 mil when viewing
cursion) for a period of 5 minutes plus or
a target at 125 yards plus or minus 20 yards.
minus 15 seconds. Subsequent to vibration
the telescope shall show no evidence of loose
3.8.6 Reticle accuracy. The angular value
or damaged parts and shall meet the require-
for the reticle graduation between zero and
ments of 3.6 to 3.10 inclusive.
maximum range shall read as indicated on
the reticle drawing within plus or minus
3.6 Cleanliness . The telescope shall meet
0.25 mil.
the cleanliness requirements of Specification
3.9 Illumination. The reticle markings shall
MIL-0-13830. The surfaces of the reticle

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